Cover Letters Example

Example of a cover letter for a government job: maximize your chances for getting an interview

Your cover letter for a government job is not a job application, but it is the first thing that your prospective employers will see when they are looking at your actual application. It is very important that this cover letter outlines your qualifications in the way that they relate to the responsibilities listed in the […]

Cover Letter for a Teacher-Introduce Yourself Professionally

This example of a cover letter for a teacher will show you how to introduce yourself and then present yourself professionally as a qualified candidate for a teaching position.  If you have found the teaching job you are truly interested in you will want to give the school district every reason to hire you.  You […]

Resignation Letter Examples

Resignation Letter-State the Problem but Don’t Burn Your Bridges

This example of a resignation letter will cover all that needs to be said when it is time to leave your place of employment.  There are a variety of reasons, circumstances or situations that come up that may require you to resign.  Whatever your reason, it’s important to maintain a professional and respectful attitude.  Any […]

Teacher Resignation Letter Example: Leaving to Fulfill Another Teaching Position

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to find the right words to say when you really need them! Writing a teacher resignation letter is no exception and you want to be sure you say the right thing. It can be stressful—under any circumstance—and that’s why we’re here to help. I’m giving an example […]

Reference Letter Examples

Friend Letter of Recommendation

This example of a friend letter of recommendation will show your ability to provide valuable character insight to a prospective employee.  It is important to stay professional while providing your view of this person.  You are in a supportive position to help this person out.  Your opinion may make a difference in where this person […]

Character Reference Letter for Court – Give the Courts a Person not just a Case Number

If you have been asked to write a character letter for court you are in a responsible position to give a unique and positive perspective on a person’s character.  What you say can have a strong impact on the courts and can alter their opinion of the person in question.  It gives you a distinctive […]

Thank You Letter Examples

Thank You Letter Example – After an Interview

After an interview for a job you’ll be expected to write a thank you letter, showing your appreciation, not only of their time but also for providing you with further clarifications of the responsibilities of the position.   A thank you letter will show your professionalism and your understanding of fundamental business practices. Remember, they are […]

Example Thank You Letter – After the Interview Example Thank You Letter

This example thank you letter demonstrates how to thank a prospective employer for granting you an interview. Not only does sending a thank you letter show your appreciation for receiving an interview, it keeps you in the forefront of your future boss’s mind, and may even score you a few brownie points! These are just […]

Apology Letter Examples

Business Apology Letter – Be Respectful and Sincere

This example of a business apology letter will show you how to respond to a customer complaint and be respectful and sincere toward the customer.  If you are in business you will have customer complaints – that is a given.  How you handle those complaints will determine if you retain your customer or not.  Your […]

Simple and Sincere Sample Business Apology Letter

This sample business apology letter is designed so that you can make a formal apology for a variety of things. It can be used for either business or personal apologies, depending on the circumstances. Sending such a letter shows that you are genuinely sorry for whatever happened, and goes a long way to establishing good […]

Complaint Letter Examples

Formal Letter of Complaint Example – Effective Formal Letter of Complaint Example

This formal letter of complaint example can help you to formulate a complaint letter that gets results. Because of their nature, complaint letters must be written with tact and diplomacy. On the other hand, you don’t want to be too timid in your approach. Larger companies have complaint departments that deal with hundreds of complaint […]

Complaint Letter Examples – Firm and Forthright Complaint Letter Examples

Our complaint letter examples are written with one intention in mind – to get results. There is a specific approach to be taken towards complaint letter writing, one that must be followed if you want your complaint heard, and to be taken seriously. Writing a nasty, scathing letter will get you nowhere, it will most […]

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Explanation of Changes to Policy on Unauthorized Travel Expenses Sample Letter

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Official Adjustments to Per Diem Expenses for Travel Sample Letter

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