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These business meeting letter examples reflect the professionalism and authority required to motivate employees to prepare for and attend important business meetings. Being able to express clearly what will be discussed, the date and location of the meeting, and other topics that might be covered are especially important to the person calling the meeting. If you are responsible for notifying your team or other employees of impending company or department meetings, make use of our professional meeting letter examples.

Format of Our Meeting Letter Examples

What makes our meeting letter examples so valuable is that they are concise, informative, accurate, and can be easily edited to include you or your firm’s individual details. They can be sent by snail or Email for small inter-departmental meetings. For Board of Directors or Shareholders meetings though, a formal letter would be drafted on company stationery. In either case our meeting letter examples are the perfect solution to your letter writing needs.

Take a look at the version of our meeting letter examples below. If you like the format, you can Download One of Our Meeting Letter Examples and edit it to include your personal data.

Company Letterhead

November 17, 2010

Subject: Notice of AGM of Board of Directors

To: Shareholders Public Company Ltd.


  1. Copy of Minutes of AGM November 19, 2009.
  2. Details of Procedures of the Dispute Settlement between Public Company Ltd and Office of the Tax Commissioner.
  3. Specified Documents and Proxy Form to be presented at the AGM including details of the CEO.
  4. Articles of Association regarding the Shareholders Meeting
  5. Map of location of forthcoming meeting

Notice is henceforth given by the Board of Directors of Public Company Ltd that the Annual and Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders will be held on December 17, 2010 at the Convention Room on the Ground Floor of the Princess Suites Hotel and Convention Center, 175 Front Street, Hamilton Ontario to examine the following agenda:

Agenda 1 – Matters to be Advised 

Agenda 2 – Consideration and Certification of AGM Minutes of November 19, 2009

Agenda 3 – Consideration and Approval of Procedures in the Dispute Settlement between Public Company Ltd and the Tax Commissioner and to grant the Executive Committee authority to process on the procedures and keep the Board of Directors informed of Progress on this Case.

Agenda 4 – Consideration of any other business

The Company’s share register book will be sealed at 12 noon on December 1, 2010 until the meeting is adjourned. 

If you are unable to attend please complete the Proxy Form included, otherwise please attend at the date and location and time specified above. 


Bob Jones
Chairman Public Company Ltd. 

Download This One of Meeting Letter Examples and tailor it to suit your or your firm’s requirements.

Tips and Optional Useful Sentences you Can Use with our Meeting Letter Examples:

  • Include a circular or RSVP that those attending can return
  • We are sorry to inform you the meeting regarding…has been canceled
  • The AGM of Shareholders of Public Company Ltd has been postponed until…

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