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Our collection of character letter examples are all composed with a view to highlighting a person’s positive qualities. A character reference is generally written by someone outside of a person’s professional realm and is more personalized than a general business type reference letter would be. That doesn’t mean an employer can’t write a character reference letter, but normally they are better written by someone with a closer personal relationship with the subject, and who has known them longer. This can include relatives, close family friends, team coaches, and religious leaders. No matter who writes your letter, or who you write one for, the best impression can be made by using one of our professionally written character letter examples.

A character reference letter is written for one purpose; to highlight the subject’s positive character traits, accomplishments, or activities, and as such there is no mention of anything negative. They are written for a variety of reasons, and can be used in lieu of reference letters from employers – especially for those with no work history – or in a number of non work-related instances.

There are basically two types; the work related character reference, and those needed for social purposes. For this reason, we’ve divided our character reference letter examples page into two sections: work-related and non work-related character reference letters.

Character Letter Examples – Work Related

There are particular instance where a person may require one of our character reference letter examples for an employment related purpose. For instance, what does a person who has never worked before or gone to college use for a reference? In the most unfortunate circumstances people may lack good references from employers. In such cases a character reference letter is useful, especially if the person has turned their life around after having had some difficult times.

Even employers sometimes require additional character letters from people who already have them from previous employers with a view to getting to know the person better. Some positions of employment also require impeccable morality and character. Our character letter examples can be used in all of these circumstances.

In any case, you should begin a work-related character reference letter the same way you would a business letter. The heading will look like this.

Mark Redmond
42 Oakwood Ridge
Nashua, NH]
Tel. 412-345-6789

March 19, 2007

As this letter will most likely be given to a number of different people, it is addressed generally i.e.

To Whom It May Concern (all capital letters)

In the body of the reference letter you’ll highlight the person’s positive attributes. As it is an employment related character reference, focus as much on any previous demonstration of hard work, keen intellect, work aptitude, and such. First though you’ll want to establish your credibility or qualify yourself to give such a reference. You might say something like:

It is with great pleasure that a write this letter of reference for Tim Johnson. Tim has been a friend of my son Mark since Grade 1, and consequently I have known him for over (number of) years. 

Now that the relationship has been qualified, you can begin to give examples of the subject’s outstanding qualities (honesty, loyalty, etc.) and their excellent work ethic. You would continue…

During the time I’ve known Tim I have always been impressed by his undying enthusiasm for anything he sets his mind to. I remember the high school trip that he planned together with my son three years ago. Not only was Tim responsible for raising enough money to cover his expenses, but also for my son’s and three other classmates. 

Tim is also incredibly ethical. He regularly mows the lawn for our neighbors the Henderson’s. Recently they went away on vacation, and asked Tim to mow the lawn twice a week while they were away. Tim could have easily only done it only once as they would never have known. However, not only did he mow the lawn the requested number of times, but when he was informed they would be away for an extra three days, he mowed the lawn an extra time so it would look nice for them when they came back. 

Tim is incredibly industrious, and also washes and waxes the cars of many in our neighborhood. They call him the “polish master” as he will stop at nothing short of the perfect shine!

It is without hesitation that I would recommend Tim for any activity or position which requires hard work, enthusiasm, and honesty.


Mark Redmond

You can Download This One of Our Character Letter Examples in its entirety and tailor it to suit your personal requirements.

Character Letter Examples – Non-Work Related

When writing a character letter that is not for employment purposes, the format is the same, but the content will be a bit different. There are many reasons that a person may need a character reference letter, and we have character reference letter examples for; court appearances, membership applications, nominations for awards, adoption, and much more.

When writing a character reference letter for occasions such as those listed above, it is best to make it straightforward and from the heart. Open, honest letters are the best received, so try to use as many of your own words and thoughts as possible. Remember the format is basically the same as a work-related reference letter, though there is a special consideration to apply to the closing.

For example, if we take our work related character reference letter above, the last line says:

It is without hesitation that I would recommend Tim for any activity or position which requires hard work, enthusiasm, and honesty.

Notice the writer could have said:

“I highly recommend Tim for the position of…” (Whichever job Tim was applying for)

By using the first option however, the writer has enabled Tim to use that cover letter for other jobs or positions he might apply for. Your character reference letter for non-employment references can apply the same. For instance if Tim was applying for a club membership, rather that saying:

“I recommend Tim for membership in the Harvard Dog Lover’s Club,” you could say:

“I recommend Tim for membership in any organization that requires its members to be compassionate, caring, responsible individuals.” 

The second option allows the letter to be used in a number of situations for a variety of organizations. The more positive attributes about the subject that you can highlight, the better. Some positive attributes and qualities we use in our character letter examples are:

  • Considerate
  • Understanding
  • Compassionate
  • Creative
  • Industrious
  • Ambitious
  • Honest
  • Understanding
  • Generous
  • Inspiring
  • Committed
  • Kind
  • Patient

Composing your character reference letter around such qualities will ensure that it makes the best impression. You should also include as many specific details or instances where the subject displayed those qualities. This will reinforce that impression, and validate your letter as more than just some craftily thrown together words.

If for any reason you cannot honestly say something positive about someone, or don’t want to attach your name or reputation to them, it is best to politely decline writing a letter at all.

If you’re ready to begin writing your character reference letter you can Download one of our Character Letter Examples and tailor it to suit your personal requirements.

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with our Character Letter Examples:

  • Always be honest; never include something that is not true. Better to not write the letter.
  • Keep Employment related reference letters as open-ended as possible so that they can be used for a variety of applications.
  • Think of qualities that are important to the situation or position and include as many of them and accompanying examples as possible.

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