Effectual Example of Letter to Introduce a Business

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This example of a letter to introduce a business can help you to land new clients and increase revenue. Rather than a straight-forward sales letter, a business introduction letter is more personal and generally sent to a contact you have met or were introduced to previously. It can also be used as a follow up to a lead you have been given, or even sent to existing clients to introduce a new service or product your business is offering. Whichever is your situation, you can meet those needs using this example of a letter to introduce a business.

Using This Example of Letter to Introduce a Business

The best way to make use of this example of a letter to introduce a business is to download it to your personal computer and edit it by replacing the existing information with your own. You can Download this Example of Letter to Introduce a Business Here.

Example of Letter to Introduce a Business

Michael Johnson

CEO Hartford Associates
221 Main St.

September 16, 2003

Andrew Willingham
President Willingham Imports
433 Water St.

Dear Andrew,

Enclosed please find a copy of the corporate profile for our recently established financial planning services. Hartford Associates is now equipped to provide comprehensive consultation for a complete range of financial planning strategies.

Our staff of thirty experienced financial planning professionals already manages financial planning strategies for some of the nation’s biggest corporations. Our existing clients include; Steinbrenner & Sons, Holiday Hotels Inc, Ma’s Magic Bakery, and many others.

Our financial team has also been successful in accelerating the capitol growth of many small to medium size companies both locally and nationwide.

Andrew, we would be more than happy to provide personalized financial planning services for your company, or to offer you a competitive quote for either your complete financial planning schedule or any part of it.

We are confident that we can procure the privilege of becoming your preferred financial planning services provider, and look forward to receiving the opportunity to do so.

I would be happy, at your convenience, to introduce you to the members of our team who would be handling your account to discuss the specific strategies we would adopt for your company.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience, and am excited at the prospect of assisting you and your company to maximize your growth and capability.


Michael Johnson
CEO Hartford Associates

Download This Example of Letter to Introduce a Business and tailor it to suit your own needs.

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with this Example of Letter to Introduce a Business:

  • Follow up your letter with a phone call approximately one week after sending it if you have not heard from the person.
  • Highlight the achievements or existing clientele of your business or services
  • Be brief and to the point, but never pushy.

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