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An example character letter DUI reference should be written with extreme care. When a person is convicted of a DUI offence, their attorney may ask them to obtain several character reference letters from upstanding people in the community, or from those who know them well. The purpose of a DUI character letter is to convince the presiding judge that the person convicted may have made a bad error in judgment that is out of character for them. As you can imaging this is a very important document, so make sure you get it right by using our example character letter DUI.

Who Should Sign Your Example Character Letter DUI

It is best to get an employer, sports coach, priest, pastor, rabbi, or long time family friends to sign your example character letter DUI document. Whatever you do – be truthful and explain to them exactly what happened and in full detail, your letter will be of no value if it simply states, “so-and-so asked me to write a character reference.” If the author is well respected and shows that they know the details of the events, their letter will be better received, and your chances of getting a lighter sentence increased. Make sure of this by using our example character letter DUI.

The best way to do so is to Download This Example Character Letter DUI to your personal computer, and make any editing changes to suit your circumstances from there.

Example Character Letter DUI

StanleyAtkinson (Your Name)
President Media Corp.
45 Stanfield Ave.

July 15, 2001

To Whom It May Concern (or as advised by attorney)

RE: William Philips (Person Appearing in Court’s Name)

I have known William Philips for 17 years as a friend and trusted employee. I have found him to be of impeccable character; a devoted worker, family man and colleague. As a member of the community he is well known, liked and respected, especially for his volunteer work at the Brunswick Youth center where he volunteers as Basketball coach.

William has guided and counseled many youths who would otherwise have gone down the wrong road. I know that this event is out of character for him and an embarrassment for which he is experiencing extreme remorse.

I am sure the financial pressures he is experiencing have contributed greatly to this offence, though William is well aware of its seriousness. He has been attending AA meetings in addition to personal counseling to ensure this offense will not happen again in the future.

Yours faithfully,

President Media Corp.

Download This Example Character Letter DUI and insert your personal information.

Tips and Optional Sentences you Can Use with our Example Character Letter DUI:

  • DO NOT use the same Example Character Letter DUI and get multiple people to sign it. Every letter should be individual in content and nature.
  • DO NOT give the letter to anyone until first showing it to your attorney
  • Make sure all letters are hand-signed by the individual writing them


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