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An example of a good sales letter is one that functions as both an introduction of your company or service, and a mini-brochure highlighting its benefits to potential customers. Unlike a standard business letter, it is less formal, but at the same time needs to be professionally written. There is a certain structure to a sales letter that must be incorporated, it must include; a sense of urgency to purchase the product or service at the current price, benefits of the product or service, testimonials of people or businesses who are current clients, and an interesting layout. Writing an effective sales letter can be a challenging undertaking, but not so if you use our example of a good sales letter.

Follow the Format of This Example of a Good Sales Letter to Land Clients

We recommend that you follow the format of this example of a good sales letter, especially if you have no experience writing one. The best way to do so is to Download this Example of a Good Sales Letter and edit it to include your personal details.

Example of a Good Sales Letter

Save The World. See The Stars. Chill to the Coolest Tunes – and…
Savor a Scrumptious Meal to Boot! Anytime you Want –
All for only €35! 

And if you’re one of the first 250 people to respond-
Receive A FREE Gift Worth $$$$ Hundreds or even Thousands!

But This Offer Won’t Last Long,
Hurry on Down to HERB STREETHurry!!

Dear Friend,

You love the environment, you love cool music. You love fine dining and fresh food – and you love rubbing shoulders with the Rich and Famous. I’ve Found Your Paradise!

And it’s incredibly affordable But You Must Act Now!

Down on the Dublin Quays – Hanover Quay to be exact – has risen the hottest destination for hip and health conscious people since…well, since Ever! Herb Street – isDublin’s newest and trendiest Meeting and Eating place, and it’s not just a restaurant; It’s Much, Much MORE!

Some of what you’ll find atHerb Streetis –

  • Homemade food cooked to order and sourced locally where possible to provide the freshest ingredients for your feast.
  • The coolest music playing in the background – from The Stones to Snow Patrol, from Tom Jones to Tchaikovsky – mixed especially forHerb StreetbyIreland’s No.1 DJ Al O’Shea.
  • A friendly, cheerful work force eager to serve you and happy to have a chat about anything and everything.
  • A Hodge Podge of Who’s Who from Hollywoodto High Street – anybody who’s anyone needs to be seen here atHerb Street!

Imagine you’re dining al fresco. The sun is shining, a gentle breeze provokes your hair to dance wistfully while you bite into a succulent Lobster Thermidor and swallow a sensuous Chablis while observing the wannabe luminaries queuing for their chance to be what you already are – an Herb Street regular – seated at a choice table on the fashionable Hanover Quay (awarded the RIAI Silver Medal for Housing in 2009) while Bono belts out “It’s a Beautiful Day” – from the table next to you! That’s right, there’s no telling who you’ll bump into at Herb Street! And it’s all because you had the foresight to take advantage of this offer and become an Herb Street Preferred Customer!

But more on that later. Another Great Thing Is…

Herb Street’s menu offers unbelievable value for money and delivers on taste too!

Listen to what the patrons say:

  • “I had an amazing grilled haloumi and cous cous salad (an absolute steal at €12)” – James A.
  • “the vegetable platter – which had a few mini veggie burgers, some lovely pieces of haloumi wrapped in preserved peppers and courgette, and a tasty salad was delicious and great value for money” – Nancy M.
  • “Great name, Great restaurant! Herb Street is a winner” – Natalie M.

And the Critics:

  • The Post.ie – “It sometimes happens that you get a whiff of authenticity from a newly-opened restaurant purely from hearing rumours of its menu. Herb Street Restaurant is just such a spot.”
  • Food and Wine – “Herb Street comes across as sincere, and stands out from the crowd for it”

And Here’s a Sample of Their Healthy and Hearty (Not To Mention Delicious!) Menu:


  1. A large bowl of steaming, healthy miso soup with udon noodles & tofu, garnished with Asian herbs & vegetables with shredded chicken.
  2. Selection of smoked & barbequed salmon with a fresh crab salad, homemade roast vegetable chutney & freshly baked bread.
  3. Baked sweet potato wedges served with a homemade chipotle dip.


  1. Roast Chicken -1/2 a lemon & herb roast chicken stuffed with black pudding & goat’s cheese. Served with creamy mash and wild mushroom sauce.
  2. Orzo Pasta -Tiger prawns & chorizo in a lemon, saffron and harissa broth, with rice shaped pasta and shaved parmesan. Vegetarian option available with baby spring vegetables.
  3. Steak & Chips – Grilled 10 oz rib-eye steak served with a watercress salad and homemade béarnaise sauce & chips.

I personally had the Orzo Pasta. Before I even began to eat I was hypnotized by the aroma.

Mouth Watering? Well, Wait Till You Hear This!

Remember I mentioned the Herb Street Preferred Customer program. Well if you eat there this weekend you’ll automatically become a member of this exclusive club. And it’s completely FREE! Preferred Customer Club Membership is only available to those who reserve a table for dinner there this Friday, Saturday or Sunday. After that the program will be retired and no further Preferred Customer memberships will ever be issued again. All you have to do is book a table on one of the above nights and this once in a lifetime opportunity is yours!

Your Preferred Customer Club Membership entitles you to –

  • A Lifetime Membership complete with a Membership Card issued in your name and valid at Herb Streetas well as those sister restaurants that are part of Dublin’s Elite Diners Circle. (Terms and conditions apply).
  •  A standing 10% discount on all food and beverages anytime you eat atHerb Street.
  • A Good Table Guarantee. As a Preferred Customer the best tables atHerb Street are set aside for you. Have a favorite table? It’s yours – just give us 24 hour notice.
  • Special Members Only invitations to special events like our Celebrity Chef Night, Slow Food Sensations and much, much more!

Amazingly, there’s even something aboutHerb Streetto satisfy your “Green” side!

Herb Street takes great pride in its dedication to good, wholesome food and its commitment to the environment. Money here is well spent, as Herb Streetdoes everything it can to minimize its carbon footprint and provide food and drink that is as sustainable as possible for our ecosystem

For instance

  • All of the fish on the menu is, as much as possible, sourced from Irish waters and from plentiful and replenishable stocks.
  • Their table water is chilled and charcoal filtered in house, and is FREE! The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has declared that activated charcoal is the absolute best way to remove contaminants from water.
  • All of their wines are from Europe in order to keep transportation costs from the New World.


  • The main space in the restaurant is lit by 109 LEDS using only 1 watt of energy each, which is approximately the same power as a 100 watt light bulb! They have also incorporated them into a tubular lighting system made from recycled conduit.
  • Their chairs are a vintage design by Harry Bertoia (Creator of the famous “Diamond Chair”) from 1956 and were chosen for their restaurant instead of buying new chairs that would clutter a landfill in a couple of years.

So, by patronizing Herb Street, you are supporting a business devoted to sustainability and declaring your own dedication to the future of our planet. On top of all of that you get delicious, freshly cooked food served to you with personality and pizzazz in Dublin’s trendiest neighborhood. It’s Good to be You!

Now, About that Deal for €35 –

This Friday, for the very first time,Herb Street will open its doors for DINNER. To celebrate their expansion into an evening service they are offering a special price for a Three Course Menu of just………….get this

That’s right, €35 per couple. Including a bottle of wine!

That’s 3 courses each – appetizer, mains and dessert, and a bottle of wine to boot! Plus they’ll give you your choice of tea or coffee for free!

You Won’t Find a better Deal in Dublin!

Additionally, if you take advantage of this offer you’ll receive your Free Preferred Customer Card!
Remember, this special price is only available this weekend – Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so don’t waste time. Book your table now! Call Herb Street on 018499999 to take advantage of this extraordinary offer. Your Preferred Customer Card and accompanying booklet outlining it’s many other benefits will be available to you on arrival. So make that call now and Hurry on Down to Herb Street!

Oh, and…

Bon Appétit!

Gary L. Morris
(Herb Street Preferred Customer)

PS – Due to the rising popularity of this brand new Bistro, tables are bound to go fast – so make that call now – and don’t miss out on this one-time offer and your chance to join this exclusive club! Remember – membership is limited only to the amount of available tables per night! So HURRY on Down to Herb Street!

Download This Example of a Good Sales Letter and tailor it to suit your personal requirements.

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with our Example of a Good Sales Letter:

  • Use different fonts and settings to emphasize particular points.
  • Emphasize the benefits of your product or service.
  • Paint a picture of how this product or service will enhance the life of the reader.

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