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This example of a letter giving information is important as it can be used in a variety of circumstances. There are many reasons why a letter may be used for “giving information” such as; a sales letter, travel plans from a travel agency, confirmation of reservations from a hotel. They may even be used to give information such as; how to get to a particular address, voice a complaint to a company, or announcing the news of an engagement or wedding. There are many ways you can use this example of a letter giving information.

How to Use This Example of Letter Giving Information

Before you use this example of letter giving information decide which information you wish to share. Is it an event you’d like to announce, your displeasure with a product or service, or inform a customer or client of a new product, service, or facility you may be offering? Once you decide, you can use the example of a letter giving information format below to compose your own letter by simply substituting your details for those contained in the example. The easiest way to do so is to Download the Example of Letter Giving Information to your personal computer, and then you can paste your own information in it.

Company Logo or Letterhead

Mr. Samuel Wilkes
429 Northern Ave

Dear Mr. Wilkes,

For many years it has been our policy to supply customers with faulty or broken ice machines with ice. Unfortunately many of our customers are paying us later and later, forcing us to implement more stringent company policies. These changes will take effect as of September 23, 2007, and are as follows:

  1. Should a customer be more than 15 business days late paying their monthly invoice we will not supply ice in lieu of broken machines. We will however carry out repairs to broken machines as normal, and reimburse the customer according to the number of days the machine is out of service. The reimbursement will be in the form of a credit to the customer’s account. We will expect payment in full for any outstanding balance at the time of our service call.
  2. Any accounts that fall more than 30 business days behind will suffer a surcharge of 5% of the outstanding balance.

We apologize that we must implement such measures, but we are left with no alternative. Our policy has always been, and will remain, to provide our customers with the best available service. Our standards however can only be maintained with your cooperation.

Please feel free to contact our accounts department with any questions concerning these changes, or if you feel your balance is in error.


Charles Townsend
Head of Customer affairs
Cool Ice Inc.

Download This Example of Letter Giving Information and tailor it to suit your personal requirements.

Tips and Optional Sentences you Can Use with our Example of Letter Giving Information:

  • We are pleased to confirm your reservation for the dates July 7 -23, 2002
  • (Name of Company) is pleased to announce the arrival of our new shipment of…(Name of Product)
  • (Company Name) is pleased to announce the opening of our new store at…(Address of New Store)

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