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In these examples of a character reference letter, you’ll notice that they reflect a more personal than a business relationship. Generally a character reference is less formal, based on the referee’s (person writing the letter) relationship with, and knowledge of the employee. Though professional accomplishments and work ethic may be mentioned, a character reference letter is mostly designed to highlight the applicant’s positive personal qualities. They are not used to call attention to any negative aspects of the person’s character, as you’ll see in our examples of a character reference letter.

Examples of Character Reference Letter – Leave out the Negative Points

If there are outstanding negative qualities about the employee or other person who has asked you to write them a reference letter, it is best to decline writing it. Our examples of a character reference letter highlight only the person’s positive attribute, as this is the standard purpose of the reference. Normally they are written to no one in particular, so you may address it as “To whom it may concern,” rather than “Dear Sir” or “Dear Madam.” You’ll notice that our examples of a character reference letter are brief and direct, and always written in a positive, professional manner. Following is one of our examples of a character reference letter that can be used for an employee or an acquaintance.

March 21, 2006

To Whom It May Concern: 

I have known Sally Edmonds for over seven years. During that time I have been impressed with her complete dedication to any activity she has undertaken. 

Sally is an excellent example of a person who is focused and forthright; willing to help others and doing so with commendable patience and passion. Her work with young adults at the Green Willows Rehab Center has been recognized in her local community with her receipt of the St. Monica’s Medallion.  

At work Sally is tireless, often going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Her honesty was aptly demonstrated when she recently discovered that a customer had left their wallet at the service desk. Not only did she immediately notify the owner, she used her lunch break to deliver the wallet to them personally. 

If you are looking to hire Sally you could ask for no better employee. She will make an excellent addition to any organization, and we will miss her dedicated service and sunny disposition. You may contact me at any times if you have further questions about Sally or this letter.


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Examples of Character Reference Letter and tailor it to suit your personal requirements.

Optional and Useful Sentences you Can Use in your Character Reference Letter

  • During the five years I have known…name of person
  • Her attribute reflect an admirable character
  • Sally has excellent computer, organizational, and communication skills


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