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A formal letter example can serve as a template for that difficult letter you have to write. Saying the right things in the appropriate way and formatting that letter in a professional manner can be a challenging task. There is the need to be forthright and at the same time be gracious so as not to cause offense to the recipient. You can however accomplish this with the help of a formal letter example.

Build Better Customer Relations Using Our Formal Letter Example

Using our formal letter example as a guideline will help you to build better customer relations. The example is designed to meet the needs of both the customer and the business owner while keeping things business like and on level ground. To make the best use of this formal letter example you can simply type your own information in the appropriate spaces. To do so you can Download This Formal Letter example to your home computer and work on it from there.

Adam’s Department Stores
2020 Waterview Road
Fountain Spring, MD

August 14, 2005

Mrs. Gertrude Franklin
6464 E. 26th St.
Baltimore, MD

Dear Mrs. Franklin,

I am writing to thank you for your incredible patience while this matter has been dealt with. When I spoke to you last week on Monday your payment has still not been located. I am happy to say however that today your account has been credited in the amount of $72.50.

Our usual policy is that overdue accounts accrue an interest of 2% on overdue balances after 30 days. In your case however this penalty is being waived, and again I thank you for your patience in this matter.

Your check #7759 dated March 15, 2005 was located in the mailroom this morning. Unfortunately the envelope was damage and the check crumpled up inside. We are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding your check’s disappearance. 

To compensate for any inconvenience you may have suffered we have enclosed a 50% discount coupon for you to use in any of our stores at your convenience. The coupon is valid for one year from the issue date.

Please accept our sincere apologies. Adam’s Department Stores considers you a valued customer and we hope you will continue shopping with us.


Victoria Richards
Head of Customer Relations

Download This Formal Letter Example and tailor it to suit your personal requirements.

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with this Formal Letter Example:

  • We are writing to inform you of a change in our store policies
  • If you have any questions regarding this letter or your account please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at…Phone Number
  • This is to confirm your order placed by telephone on…Date

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