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This letter of appreciation example can be used for a number of occasions; whether you’re a business person thanking an employee or customer, or an employee or customer showing appreciation for good service or a promotion. Often in our busy lives we don’t take the time to show our appreciation for the efforts or generosity of others. Mostly this is because we lack the time, or aren’t sure what to say. Those obstacles cab be overcome however simply by using this letter of appreciation example.

How to Use This Letter of Appreciation Example

If you’re a business person using this letter of appreciation example, you’ll want to replace the information with your own and print it on company stationery. If you’re company name, address and contact information is in the letterhead, there is no need to write it out again. If you are someone writing to show your appreciation to a company, organization, or even a friend, you can follow the exact format. The best way to make use of the appreciation example letter is to Download This Letter of Appreciation to your computer from where you can edit it to suit your personal circumstances or occasion.

Malcolm Martin
Personnel Manager
2751 Sydney, MN,
(732) 253-7668

February 11, 6

Rebecca Henderson
Team Leader
125 East Street,
St Paul, MN,
(652) 217-7339

Dear Rebecca,

I am writing to commend you on your recent promotion. You have shown a dedication and perseverance that most people are not capable of and your achievement is truly deserved. The long hours you have put in recently and the extra effort you have shown demonstrate your commitment to our company, and I would like to extend my earnest congratulations.

It is very much a pleasure to have you as part of our organization and I hope you will be with us for many years to come. You have demonstrated wonderful leadership skills as evidenced by your team’s completion of various projects. We appreciate the innovative ideas you have put forward and I am pleased to inform you that several of them will be implemented to increase both customer and employee satisfaction. 

You are a fine example to your co-workers and a great asset to Hal-Mart. We look forward to the continued growth of a mutually beneficial relationship. Thank you again, and keep up the good work!


Malcolm Martin
Personnel Manager

Download This Letter of Appreciation Example and tailor it to suit your personal occasion.

Tips and Optional Sentences you Can Use with this Letter of Appreciation Example:

  • It is a great pleasure to have you as an employee
  • Thank you for your continued and loyal service
  • Always close with a compliment
  • Write in a personal and friendly tone

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