Order Letter Example – The Importance of an Error-Free Order Letter Example

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This order letter example can help you to compose an order letter that is error free, ensuring you receive the exact goods or services you require. Stating your order in a clear, concise manner will help the supplier fulfill your order quickly and accurately, thus eliminating inconvenience, expense, and aggravation to both parties. There are other important aspects of an order letter that must be included such as; reference to the supplier’s terms and conditions, prices, product specifications, and quantities of each item required. Writing an error-free order letter is critical to maintaining your profit margins as inaccurate details could cause you to incur unnecessary charges, but this can be avoided by using our order letter example.

The best way to do so is to Download our Order Letter Example to your home or business computer and replace the existing information with your own. This particular order letter example can be used as an official business letter or in Email format.

Order Letter Example

Mark Steinberg
Archer Associates
43 Black St.

February 14, 2011

Johnson’s Office Supplies
P.O. Box2829

RE:  Office Equipment and Supplies Order

Dear Sir or Madam,

Please supply the following items from your Office Supplies catalogue of January 2011:

Item Cat. # Color Quantity Price
Office Desk BR-55679G Mahogany 2 579.98 ea
Computer Swivel Chair CS-24356CH Black 6 49.95 ea
Executive Chair EC-66743O Olive 2 389.47 ea
Boardroom Table – Oval BT-77864OK Oak 2 678.99 ea
Wide Bookcase WB-54009 Oak 1 433.99 ea

Please ship the ordered items to:

Marketing Dept.
Archer Associates
43 Black St.

As per your terms and conditions we expect the merchandise to be delivered within 1-2 weeks, with costs charged to our existing account 30 days after the initial invoice date.

Due to the fact that we are remodeling our department and have targeted a completion date for March 15, 2011, we request that you notify us ASAP if unable to complete the order on time.

Otherwise please confirm this order by Email to Clerical@archerassociates.net or by telephone to Mr. John Stanley at 414-777-5559 during normal business hours, Monday to Friday from 9pm – 5:30pm.


Mark Steinberg
Clerical Supervisor
Archer Associates

Download this Order Letter Example and use it to meet your own needs.

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with this Order Letter example:

  • Please ship these items via…shipping method preferred
  • Mention any discounts due you for bulk orders
  • Mention any alternate choices if your first choice is not available or in stock.

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