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Our compelling pitch letter examples can be used in conjunction with press releases or used on their own to create propelling publicity for your company, client, or event. Pitch letters can generate incredible exposure by generating media interest in the subject. Craftily and carefully written, we recommend you begin your promotion using one of our powerhouse pitch letter examples.

What Our Pitch Letter Examples Contain 

Our pitch letter examples are written for one purpose; to gain media interest. You can use our samples as a template for your own personal pitch letter. Once completed, you send the letter off to a reporter with the intent of interesting them in interviewing or doing a story on the subject of the letter. Our pitch letter examples follow a simple format:

  • Catchy or quirky Headline to capture interest
  • Address the object of the promotion and why it is so interesting
  • Additional details about the subject matter (product, person, company, or event)
  • A testimonial from an independent source or existing customer
  • A call to action

In a few paragraphs our pitch letter examples make it very clear why this is an exciting subject for the media to cover, and provide them with specific details about it. Below you can view the full layout of one of our pitch letter examples.

Mr. Charles Henry
Features Editor
The Daily Independent
222 19th St.
Atwood KY, 20014

November 3, 2001

Dear Mr. Henry,

Commencing Saturday, November 25, Affordable Gemstones Inc. will be launching their exciting new website Gemstones4all.com. 

Affordable Gemstones Inc. (AGI) buys precious stones in mega-bulk quantities in order to retail them at prices everyone can afford. Our new website will enable customers to purchase quality gemstones online and have them delivered directly to their home by a reputable national courier. 

This is the first time this type of service has been offered anywhere in the world, and I’m sure you’ll agree that your readers will be extremely appreciative of your informing them of this incredible venture.

AGI has partnered with IBC Delivery to ensure that any stones purchased through our website will be 100% guaranteed and delivered via Special Delivery or First Class Registered mail, depending on the value of the stones being delivered. 

The Gemstones4all website has been designed by one of the nation’s top-ranked website design agencies – Matchbox Studios – who are responsible for such well known websites such as the Continental Hotel Group, Flowers Direct, Experia, and many other top brands. 

Our merchandise has been referred to by the National Association of Gemstone Appraisers as being “of the highest quality, and flawless in substance.”

I would be happy to meet with you to introduce you to our product design, and show you personally the merchandise that inspired such esteemed appraisal. 

Thank you for your time and consideration, and please contact me 712-474-5768 or by email at vvangoh@agi.net if you are interested in learning more about Gemstones4all.com. 


Vincent Vangoh

Download This One of Our Pitch Letter Examples and tailor it to suit your personal requirements.

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with our Example Letter of Personal Reference:

  • I am a member of …writing societies or clubs you are a member of
  • I will mail you a complete press kit for your further consideration
  • Mention a blog if you have one, or include links to online short stories, poetry etc. you might have had published.

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