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Our query letter examples can open the doors of publishers who might not otherwise give you the time of day. A professionally written query letter is basically a sales pitch for your writing, and it should be written as such. You need to be able to summarize your composition quickly and interestingly in order to grasp the publisher or agent’s interest. These are busy people, and the sooner you can grab their attention, the better your chances of them reading your material. There’s no better way to do that than with one of our query letter examples.

What Our Query Letter Examples Contain 

A query letter and examples should:

  • Introduce you and state whether or not you were referred, and if so, who referred you
  • Explain why you feel this agent or publisher is the right fit for you
  • Pitch your manuscript
  • State your credentials and/or experience
  • Thank them for their consideration

Sometimes it is best to first pitch the story, and then introduce yourself.

The following is one of our query letter examples that got a positive response from a publisher who asked to see the manuscript. Only the names and personal details of the persons mentioned have been changed to protect their privacy.

John L. Simons
108 Cherry Lane
Staffordshire, England

Tel – +44 (0)765-1499-613

Email: jlsimons@yahoo.co.uk

August 1, 2011

Jessica Raynor,
Managing Editor Draft Magazine

Dear Jessica,

Here the writer pitches his story.

Sunny the Stingray and his pals Tiny, Angel, and Puffy live a happy, wholesome life under the sea. 

Sunny is a fine example of a young stingray, doing well in school and being a loyal companion to his fish friends.

One day while they are out swimming around and playing in the ocean currents, Sunny and the gang spot a creature they have never seen before!

What could it be? Where did it come from? Is it Dangerous? What should they do?

Sunny the Stingray is the first in what will be a series of underwater adventures for children. Each issue will entertain children with an exciting adventure and colorful characters, whilst teaching them a valuable life’s lesson. This issue teaches us not to fear what is different from us, but to educate ourselves about it; in this case by, going to our parents for information. Sunny is full of life, moral fortitude and fun!

The work is a twenty page picture book of approximately 400 words for up to 6 year olds. It has been initially illustrated by my wife Rebecca, whom I believe, has captured the essence of Sunny and his myriad of marine friends, making them uniquely appealing. We do understand however that you may wish to choose your own illustrator. 

Now that he has the publisher interested in the story, the writer tells the publisher a bit more about those involved in its creation.

I am originally from the Isle of Wight where I worked as an entertainer for 25 years, Rebecca is from Switzerland, and we are now settled in Trent-on-Burton after having lived in Ireland for the last 5 years. 

I have only recently begun writing children’s stories and am as yet unpublished in this genre. I am, however, a published poet (The Cannon’s Mouth, UK and The Blue Fog Journal, Fiji), article writer and a published songwriter 

The writer next shares his motivation for writing, and what he hopes readers will get from the story.

My desire is to write entertaining stories of substance and social value, for while I am a stern believer in the old adage that “the pen is mightier than the sword,” I am equally dedicated to entertaining and helping people to enjoy life.

Here the writer shows that he has taken the time to get to know about the publisher and their work ethic and standard.

I also appreciate the values reflected on your website, and the candor, professionalism, and traditional mindset exhibited in your instructional text, values that I also strive to reflect. The fact that you all obviously enjoy what you do and have fun doing it is an additional plus! I do realize that the publishing process is a long (and sometimes painful!) one, but I have always been happiest when working hard at something I enjoy, and am willing under your guidance, to do what would be required of me.

The writer then acknowledges that he has a knowledge of the publishing process, that he understands the publisher has a busy schedule, and that he will not be pestering them with follow up phone calls or emails.

I understand that if you are interested in viewing the completed manuscript and/or original artwork you will contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I hope I have at least come close to the standard of submission you require.


John L. Simons

Download This One of Our Query Letter Examples and tailor it to suit your personal requirements.

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with our Query Letter Examples:

  • I am a member of …writing societies or clubs you are a member of
  • Make comparisons to similar published works, i.e. “Think “The Da Vinci Code” or “The Carpetbaggers”
  • Mention a blog if you have one, or include links to online short stories, poetry etc. you might have had published.

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