Tactful Employee Letter of Reprimand Example

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This employee letter of reprimand example can be used as a written warning when an employee fails to live up to the conditions of their contract. Failure to perform duties, unwarranted absence, and bad behavior can all be reasons to send a letter of reprimand. Letters of reprimand can serve as a respectable yet firm warning to an employee that their job may be in jeopardy if they continue their current behavior. A letter of reprimand also serves as motivation for an employee to better their efforts. To reprimand and encourage an employee in a single document can be a challenge, but it can be accomplished by making use of our employee letter of reprimand example.

You can fulfill the requirements of a reprimand letter by Downloading this Employee Letter of Reprimand Example, and editing it on your personal computer. Make sure you print it out on stationery containing your company letter head, as it is an official document and will become part of you and your employee’s records.

Employee Letter of Reprimand Example

To: Employee
From: Supervisor or Manager
Date: Date Letter Issued
RE: Subject of Reprimand

At our meeting on (Date) we discussed your continued tardiness at returning from your scheduled lunch breaks. This letter is an official written warning that this behavior is unacceptable and in violation of your working contract.

You received a verbal warning for such behavior from (Name of Supervisor) on (Date) when you returned from your lunch break more than 45 minutes late. This is contrary to (State Company Policy or Clause in Employee Contract) and shows disrespect not only to (Company Name), but your fellow employees as well.

When you don’t return from lunch on time, the employee scheduled to take their break after you is inconvenienced, and the entire functioning of the department is placed in jeopardy.

We advise you that if immediate and continued improvement is not shown in this area, further disciplinary action up to and including the termination of your employment will be undertaken.

Please sign the document below to acknowledge your receipt and understanding of this letter, and return it to your supervisor within two (2) working days. Your signing of this letter indicates that you understand and have been given the chance to review it prior to it being placed in your permanent employee record.

Received by:


Supervisor or Manager’s Name and Signature

Download This Employee Letter of Reprimand Example and edit it to meet your personal requirements.

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with this Employee Letter of Reprimand Example:

  • Following are suggested steps you can take to improve your performance.
  • Be as detailed and specific about the offense and possible disciplinary action that may be taken if behavior continues.
  • Make sure that you have accurate facts, times, and dates before writing a letter of reprimand.

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