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These teacher resignation examples are designed to enable you to resign from your current position with grace and aplomb. Resigning from a position can be a stressful event, whether you have worked at your present location for a few months or for a period of years. There may be a variety of reasons for a person deciding to resign. Perhaps a better opportunity has presented itself, it may be time to retire, or in the worse case, because of unfortunate circumstances. Whichever describes your position, you can resign gracefully using one of our teacher resignation letter examples.

Teacher Resignation Letter Examples – Keep it Formal

No matter how long you’ve been employed at your current workplace, you’ll want to keep your letter of resignation formal. Being to casual about your resignation, or too familiar with the person you’re addressing it to could come back to haunt you. Remember, this letter will go on file, so keep it professional, especially if you require a letter of reference form your current employer. Personal sentiments can be expressed in person once your resignation is accepted. Following is one of our teacher resignation letter examples you can use to resign in a professional, courteous manner.

August 11, 2009
Mr. Henry Walker
Edgewood Elementary School.
Vermont, 05491

Dear Mr. Walker,

The last fifteen years teaching at Edgewood Elementary have been a fulfilling and enjoyable experience. The fellowship and support of yourself and the other teachers has been inspirational and enlightening.

After much careful consideration, I have decided to accept an offer I have received to teach in another state. This will give me the opportunity to be closer to my parents and other family members. 

I will always remember the many wonderful times I’ve experienced here, and the many students I have sought to inspire.

Please accept my resignation as of the 15th of September 2009.


(Your hand-written signature)
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Optional and Useful Sentences you Can Use in your Teacher Resignation Letter

  • It is with much regret that I have decided to resign
  • I have given much thought to my decision to accept another position
  • I thank you for the direction and support theEdgewoodadministration has given me over the years


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