Waiver Letter Example – Writing a Warranted Waiver Letter Example

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A waiver letter example can help you to write a waiver letter that is legally sound, or warranted. Many companies use waiver letters are normally used when a company supplies a product or service that its insurance doesn’t cover. They basically say that if something goes wrong and a person gets killed or injured, the company is not responsible. As such they are extremely important documents and must be written a specific way. The easiest way to compose a waiver letter is to use a waiver letter example.

Other uses of a Waiver Letter Example 

A waiver letter example can also be used to compile a waiver of confidentiality letter for an employee. Such a letter may be required by the employer to provide third parties such as spouses or government agencies with information about the employee. The waiver letter protects the employer from privacy invasion issues. They are also used by companies such as those that operate game reserves to protect them from lawsuits should someone be injured while hunting on their property. The waiver letter example below is composed for such an instance.

You can Download This Waiver Letter Example and format it to suit your own requirements. As there are legal issues to consider, have any waiver letter you write approved by a lawyer before committing it to print.

Company Heading or Logo

Mr. James Johnson
142 Strip Lane
Dallas, TX

Dear Mr. Johnson,

This letter has been sent to you as a response to your application to hunt on our property. It is my pleasure to inform you that permission has been granted, though you will need to sign this letter of waiver before being allowed to commence hunting on our land.

I James Johnson of 142 Strip Lane, Dallas TX hereby agree that:

  1. Wildlife Game Reserves is not responsible for any accidents that may occur on their property as a result of hunting or other recreational activity.
  2. If while hunting I sustain an injury, I will not bring a lawsuit against Wildlife Game Reserves or any of its employees.
  3. If while hunting I am killed or maimed, my family or surviving heirs will not bring a lawsuit against Wildlife Game Reserves or its employees. 

Signature of Hunter (James Johnson)

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We wish you success on your hunt, and hope that you fully enjoy your stay at your chosen Wildlife accommodation.


Johannes Van Pelt
Managing Director Wildlife Game Reserves

Download This Waiver Letter Example and tailor it to suit your personal requirements.

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with this Waiver Letter example

  • (Company Name) is not responsible for any injuries that may occur while conducting business on these premises
  • We reserve all rights and/or remedies we possess now or in the future.
  • Please sign and date this letter and ensure we have received it before beginning your hunt.

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