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This team award nomination letter example is perfect for bringing the efforts of a particular team to the attention of management. There is a certain formula that must be included in a nomination letter; otherwise your team may be overlooked for that well deserved award. It’s best to begin the process at least a couple of months before time, and to have a good understanding of the criteria that is to be used in the judging. You’ll also need to highlight relevant ways in which your team meets those criteria, and to compose the letter in an organized, professional manner. This may sound like a tall order, but it can be easily accomplished using our team award nomination example.

Team Award Nomination Letter Example Format

The team award nomination letter example very much follows a standard business letter format. You should include your name, department, and contact information, and address it to the committee that grants the award, or an individual on the committee. Be sure to keep your letter professional and avoid flattery, as judges will see through that immediately. The accomplishments of your team should suffice to have them nominated, and they will want to achieve the award based on merit rather than favoritism.

To compose the nomination letter for your team, Download the Team Award Nomination Letter Example and edit it with your and your team’s personal information and particular accomplishments. It can be used as a standard letter, or as an inter-departmental Email.

Team Award Nomination Letter Example

July 17, 2003
To:  Mike Richards
Chairman Awards Committee

From:  Melanie Medeiros
Meetings and Conventions Department
Ext. 5689

Subject: Outstanding Achievements Award – Events Team Nomination

Dear Mr. Richards,

Our department is responsible for handling the occasional inter-collegiate events. Quite often we receive very little notice and our team is required to “raise their game” in order for these events to run smoothly. This often requires individuals to perform duties that are not contained in their job descriptions. Last month we handled two events on the same weekend with only one week’s notice. Needless to say our team had to call on all of their skills and talents, and did so unquestionably and to the highest standards. Several individuals went above and beyond the call of duty, especially team leader Diane Morrison.

Diane played a crucial role in bringing these events together and subsequently managing them. Both events went off without a hitch, and we have since received letters of commendation from three out of the four organizations involved. Diane was one of the main reasons for that, and she was ably assisted by team members Joe Rafferty, Sharon Jones, Michael Murphy, and Tanya Stevens. They are all the find of employee that can sometimes be taken for granted – never complaining and performing their tasks with passion, professionalism, and enthusiasm.

The events team members are worthy representatives of the values and ethics of Anderson Associates, and it is because of their continued and consistent hard work that I nominate them for the Outstanding Achievements Award. Not only are they hard workers, but each and every one of them develops a relationship with our clients that puts them at ease and motivates them to continue using Anderson Associates as their preferred events organizer. This team is resourceful, reliable, dependable, exceedingly capable, and always unflappable under pressure.

I thank you for your time and consideration of the Events Team as worthy recipients of the Outstanding Achievements Award. I am proud to have worked with them over the last three years, andAndersonassociates could do no better than to recognize them as the outstanding team and individuals they are.


Melanie Medeiros
Meetings and Conventions Department

Download This Team Award Nomination Letter Example and tailor it to suit your personal requirements.

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with our Team Award Nomination Letter Example:

  • I would like to nominate the…(Team Name)…for the …(Award Name)
  • Include specific accomplishments i.e.…The catering team managed to feed over 500 guests in under 90 minutes with no problems.
  • (Individual or Team Name)… sets/set a fine example of what are duties and responsibilities are as employees/leaders.

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