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Our cover letter examples for teacher and education related positions can help you to get that teaching job you desire. Teaching is both a passion and a great responsibility, and your appreciation of each should be reflected in your cover letter. This well help you to get the attention of prospective employers, and show them that you are the right person for the position they are offering. There is no need to go into depth about your qualifications in a cover letter; its purpose is to get the employer interested in reading your resume. Because a cover letter serves as a personal sales letter, we recommend you use this one of our cover letter examples for a teacher.

Using Our Cover Letter Examples for a Teacher

Our cover letter examples for a teacher are designed to make it easy for you to apply for any educational position. You can simply Download Our Cover Letter Examples Teacher document and edit it to include your personal details on your home computer.

Cover Letter Examples for a Teacher #1

Sandra Killington

47 Main St.
Tel: 312-499-5763

January16, 2006

Mr. Michael Gorman
Valley High School
233 Einstein Ave.
New Orleans,LA
0 70113

RE: History Teacher

Dear Mr. Gorman,

It is with great excitement that I write this letter of application for the position of History Teacher atValleyHigh School. As a native ofNew Orleansand a teacher in the school system for the past 12 years, I am well aware of the particular needs and nuances of teaching our students.

The educators in our cities face many challenges, yet I have seen those challenges constantly met, and have met them myself with overwhelming success. It is my goal to continue that success at Valley High.

The majority of my career has been spent at inner-city schools, and I believe that the experience I have required within that system can only benefit your own. The calamity brought by Hurricane Katrina particularly affected your area, and although the entire school system of New Orleans was gravely damaged, I believe that together we can establish a new model for our educational system.

While many teachers chose to leaveNew Orleansafter Katrina, I chose to stay, as this is my home, and I love its people and its history. It is my goal to use the history of Katrina to mold a better understanding of the importance of history in the minds of young people in the hope that the future will not be a repetition of the past.

I have enclosed my resume along with copies of my certification, and can be reached by telephone from Monday – Friday between the hours of 8:00 and 11:00am. I look forward to speaking with you more about the ideas I have for the history program at Valley High, and relish the opportunity of speaking with you at your earliest possible convenience.


Sandra Killington

Download This Cover Letter Examples Teacher document and fill it in with you own details..

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with our Cover Letter Examples Teacher document:

  • Demonstrate your desire to work in the particular district in which the position is offered
  • Talk about your unique experiences as an educator
  • Express your passion and your enthusiasm for teaching the particular age group or grade and the subject that you teach.

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