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This example thank you letter demonstrates how to thank a prospective employer for granting you an interview. Not only does sending a thank you letter show your appreciation for receiving an interview, it keeps you in the forefront of your future boss’s mind, and may even score you a few brownie points! These are just a few reasons to make use of our example thank you letter.

Opportunities Opened by Our Example Thank You Letter

Many people leave an interview and wait for the phone to ring, only to go crazy with anticipation wondering if they made a good impression. But sending a thank you letter alleviates that stress, as you will know you have done everything in your power to convince the employer that you are the right candidate for the job -and it makes a good impression!  Other matters addressed by our example thank you letter are:

  • Using our example thank you letter shows your appreciation for the hirer’s interest in you
  • You convince them of your interest in the job
  • It gives you a chance to address anything you forgot to during the interview
  • It shows that you are a thoughtful, focused and organized person

Example Thank You Letter Format

Keep your thank you letter formal and to the point. The format should be as a business letter i.e. your address, telephone number and email address followed by the date, the employer’s address, and the salutation. It should look like this:

160 Oak Street
Blackvalley, VA 24060
(540) 999-7643

April 7, 2006

Ms. Patricia Waters
Personnel Manager
Tynesdale Corporation

614 Tobacco St.
Richmond, VA 23230

Dear Ms. Waters,

Our example thank you letter uses the body not only to thank the prospective employer but to further impress them.

Thank you for the opportunity of meeting with you and discussing the facilities management position with me. I was impressed by your sound and thorough knowledge of facilities management, and with the Tynesdale Corporation’s excellent safety and service record.

Interestingly your approach to facilities management is much on par with that of the report I have compiled after conducting n independent study of the industry. If you like I will happily provide you with a full copy or summary of that report.

The position on offer sounds both rewarding and challenging, and after been introduced to your company’s track record and operation, I am more enthused about this exciting opportunity. 

Thank you again for your attention and consideration. I look forward to your decision.


John James

Download this Example Thank You Letter and fill in your personal details

Optional and Useful Sentences you Can Use in your Thank You Letter

  • The interview reinforced my strong interest in the position
  • I am very interested in this position and look forward to hearing from you
  • Thank you for your time and the privilege of having an interview with you


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