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If you have been asked to write a Character Reference letter, this example will help you present the person advantageously.  When a company is in the hiring process, they can only access so much information via the application form.  It’s very one dimensional.  You will be providing another dimension, a more personal and subjective view of the person’s character.   Your input will be of tremendous value to the company being applied to as they narrow their choices down.  You will want to give compelling reasons for the company to hire this person.  Keep in mind that they will be looking for qualities like professionalism, dependability, responsibility, and initiative, among other qualities.

The Benefits of Using This Character Reference Letter Example

There are numerous qualities that define a person.  You’ll want to reference those in particular that will present this person as being a good candidate for the company in question so they will be taken into serious consideration.   You will certainly have a unique perspective of this person that you can share.   The company is exploring their options so the more you can make the candidate stand out, the better chance they’ll have.  If you can make a strong link between the individual’s strong points and the specific needs of the company you’ll be able to put this person in an even more strategic position.

This Character Reference Letter will Present the Person Professionally

This example of a Character Reference Letter presents a strong case for the individual you are referencing.   You will be highlighting their professional strengths as well as their individual character as it relates to the available position.  By sharing how they responded in situations you are revealing additional qualities that will give the company they’re seeking employment with a more rounded view of the person.

The Format for a Character Reference Letter 

The format is very simple.   You’ll start with the date at the top, followed by two spaces and then start the opening with: To Whom it May Concern:

May 18, 2012

To Whom it May Concern:

When asked to write a referral letter for Catherine Hughes I was more than pleased to do it.  I’ve known Catherine on both a personal and professional level for more than 15 years and have observed her in a variety of situations.  One of her outstanding characteristics is her professionalism.   She will take all sides of a situation into consideration before making a final decision or suggesting a change.  I have always been able to count on her to think clearly and rationally and come to logical conclusions.

I would also like to point out her strong ethics and leadership abilities outside of work.  I have seen her jump into community volunteer activities and keep things on an even keel and moving ahead.  She will follow through on any commitment she makes and give leadership when it calls for it.

I strongly recommend Catherine as a likely candidate to responsibly fulfill the position in question.  I believe you will be totally pleased with her as an individual and as a responsible employee.  She is self-motivated, teachable and shows tremendous initiative.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Your Name

Optional and Useful Sentences you can use in your Character Reference Letter

  • She connects with others in the workplace easily, yet professionally.
  • She is very resourceful and down-to-earth and accepts life’s challenges as a matter of course.
  • She tends to focus her energy on solutions and confidently handles the unexpected.

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