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These examples of an accountant cover letter can help you increase your chances of securing a lucrative position within a prestigious firm. Because of the organized, focused and structured nature of the accounting field, it is important that your covet letter reflect those qualities about yourself. Before a prospective employer even considers your resume he will first read your cover letter. A badly written cover letter may cause your resume to be discarded without a glance. Proper formatting and correct word choices are crucial to you opening the door to that all important interview. Maximize your chances of doing so by using one of our examples of an accountant cover letter.

How to Best Use Our Examples of an Accountant Cover Letter

Our examples of an accountant cover letter are written in the block style of business letter writing. The text is arranged in sections known as blocks and is justified to the left of the page. They are designed so that you can download them and edit them with a bit of cutting and pasting – substituting your details for those in the example letter. When printing them out make sure you use standard A4 sized paper, and only use Courier, Times New Roman, or Verdana 12 point fonts – these are the accepted standard fonts for business letters.

Take a close look at one of our examples of an accountant cover letter below. Once you familiarize yourself with the format and wording, you can Download This One of Our Examples of an Accountant Letter and edit it to contain your personal information.

Mr. Steven Morris
1625 West Lake St.
Chicago, IL
Tel: 412-533-6759

July 16, 2003

Mr. Harold Companion
Head of Human Resources
Money Management Inc.
3229 La Salle St
Chicago IL

RE: Trust & Fiduciary Services Trustee Analyst

Dear Mr. Companion,

I am responding to the Trust & Fiduciary Services Trustee Analyst position as advertised on AccountantConnect.com. I was happy to find out from Mr. Malachi Keane that the position was now available and that you’re accepting applications. I understand that Money Management Inc’s Trust and Fiduciary Services is the leading North American service provider and feel that my own client-focused ethos makes for a good match. 

My relevant qualifications, history of demonstrated initiative, and good time management make me a strong candidate for this position. 

  • Relevant Qualifications: Five years Fund Accounting and Administration experience. The last three and a half years with Stanley Hedge Fund Services in New York City working with custody from an accounting perspective, providing data to the trustee team and reading PPM’s. Creation and reviewing of NAV’s on a weekly and monthly basis. I am also experienced and proficient in the use of the Cosmic Data Entry System.
  • Demonstrated Initiative: Upgraded existing Hedging spreadsheets to decrease probability of error and increase delivery time 100%.
  • Good Time Management: Never missed a single deadline in three and a half years at Stanley Hedge Fund Services.

I am also a proficient team player, possess excellent organizational skills and have a methodical and pro-active approach to work.

I look forward to speaking with you later in the week and thank you for the opportunity to be considered for this position. 

Best Regards,

Steven Morris

Ready to begin? Download This One of Our Examples of an Accountant Cover Letter and edit it to contain your personal details.

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with our Examples of an Accountant Cover Letter:

  • Address your letter to a particular person rather than as Dear Sir/Madam. If you don’t know the name of the person, call the company and find out who is reviewing the applications.
  • Briefly highlight your most impressive skills and qualifications.
  • Write your letter specifically to answer the employer’s question – “Why should I hire this person.”

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