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This example letter requesting assistive technology evaluation could be one of the most important documents you ever consult. Assistive Technology Evaluation is a process that evaluates individuals with disabilities to decide if they qualify for assistive technology assistance. This assistance helps disabled individuals to become more independent, develop self confidence, and to help them become productive, integrated members of society. As marvelous as it is, acquiring assistive technology can be quite difficult, as requests are quite competitive. You can gain an advantage however, by using this excellent and effective example letter requesting an assistive technology evaluation.

How to Make the Best Use of Our Example Letter Requesting Assistive Technology Evaluation

There are so many things to consider when writing a request letter for assistive technology assistance. Different agencies have different requirements; some share costs, others don’t. There are many different technologies offered; from advanced environmental control systems, to simple modified toys, special computers, communications systems, and much more. The example letter requesting an assistive technology evaluation below is designed to request assistance, ensure you ask the right questions, and put forward a compelling case for your request.

If you like you can Download This Example Letter Requesting Assistive Technology Evaluation and edit it to include your personal information. If you choose, you can read through the below example first.

Mr. John Thomas
W. 4th St.
Reno, NV
Tel: 702-456-7733

June 3, 2007

Mrs. Susan Phillips
State Director
Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education
Department of Education
700 E. Fifth Street, Suite 111
Carson City, NV 89701-5096
(775) 666-5144

Dear Mrs. Phillips,

Our daughter Susan Thomas is a CARE – eligible Grade 1 student at Reno Elementary School. She currently receives special education and additional therapy courtesy of the school district. 

As Susan’s parents, we are aware of the progressive demands the curriculum will get as she progresses through the school year. Eventually she will be expected to do more written work. Presently her written assignments are accomplished with the help of her wonderful assistants, but we feel it is important to Susan’s development that she be able to compose her own written works.

For this reason we would like to be considered for assistive technology for our daughter, and to learn what options are available to ourselves and Susan. Assistive technology would allow her to write at her own pace and according to her own desire; thus allowing her to develop creatively and academically. To be able to put her thoughts to paper herself, through her own efforts would be an incredible gift to her, and to the community, as she is an imaginative and dedicated student. 

Accordingly we would like to request an assistive technology evaluation for Susan in order to determine exactly what technologies would be best suitable for her. We understand that this will be carried out at public expense, and by suitably qualified examiners certified by the State of Nevada.

We expect such an evaluation will help us to determine;

  • Exactly what assistive technologies are available for our daughter.
  • What, if any, technological devices would be required.
  • If there are any occupational therapy services available for her if needed.
  •  If physical therapy is required, and if so, of what kind. 

We greatly appreciate your help in this matter, and look forward to your consultation. Please contact us at your earliest convenience on 702-456-7733, or by email at jthomas@email.org to let us know when an evaluation could be scheduled. We hope to have the evaluation completed as quickly as possible in order for Susan’s progress at school to continue unhindered.

Thank you for your assistance and attention to this matter, we look forward to your prompt reply.


John Thomas

Now that you’re ready to compose your own letter requesting assistive technology, Download This Example Letter Requesting an Assistive Technology Evaluation and edit it to contain the details specific to your case.

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with our Example Letter Requesting Assistive Technology Evaluation:

  • Apply to several agencies at once to enhance your chances of success.
  • Make sure the agency you apply to have the assistive technology resources you require. Some are disability specific.
  • Keep your letter formal and your tone light. Being demanding or too emotional may jeopardize your chances of acceptance.

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