Honest and Articulate Excuse Letter Examples

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The excuse letter examples you find on our pages are designed for students, employees, and even those needing to excuse themselves from situations such as jury duty. Schools often require an excuse letter when a student is absent from school, employers also need them if a worker misses more than two or three days from work. As these letters may become part of a student or employees record, they are very important documents and should be written carefully and concisely. It is also professional and courteous to acknowledge an absence formally in writing. To ensure that you remain in the good graces of your school or employer, make use of one of our honest and articulate excuse letter examples.

How Our Excuse Letter Examples are Formatted

Our excuse letter examples are written in a formal style. It is much better to present a typed or printed letter as opposed to one that is hand written. A typed letter is much easier to read than a person’s handwriting, and it is important that the reader gets a clear understanding of your excuse. It is also critical to be honest. Remember, your excuse letter may become part of your regular file; you don’t want it to be found out later that you have lied about your absence. Let’s take a look at one of our excuse letter examples to determine how they should be written.

If after examining this sample you are ready to begin your own excuse letter, you can Download This One of our Excuse Letter Examples and edit it to contain your personal details and reasons for absence.

Mrs. Mary Smith
14 Shady St.
Millington, VT
Tel: 204-777-9543

May 4, 2002

Mrs. Theresa Chaplain
Grade 3 Teacher
Elmwood Elementary School
Millington, VT

Dear Mrs. Chaplain,

Please excuse my daughter Rebecca Smith for being absent from school during the period April 29 – May 3. 

Our family was forced to travel to New York due to the sudden death of my father who was involved in a fatal accident.

During the time spent in New York Rebecca maintained her studies and I invite you to contact me should any make up classes or assignments be necessary.


Mary Smith

Notice that our excuse letter examples are direct and to the point. There is no need to go into a long drawn out explanation. Simply invite the reader to contact you if they require any further details or documentation. If you’re ready to begin writing your own excuse letter, please Download One of Our Excuse Letter Examples to your home computer and edit it to meet your personal needs.

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with our Excuse Letter Examples:

  • Always be completely honest about the nature of your absence.
  • Include any documentation such as a doctor’s note or certificate that will back up your claim.
  • Keep your letter simple and to the point

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