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When it’s time to write your pitch letter to the editor of a magazine, you’ll first want to become familiar with their submission guidelines.  These can usually be found online.   They will tell you what the magazine is accepting, the word length they’re looking for and a few other pertinent details.  These must be followed without question.

This pitch letter will show you how to attract and hold a publisher’s attention.  You will be able to adapt it to your idea.

Connect with the Editor

Your objective, right from the start of your pitch letter, is to grab a busy editor’s attention.  You need to make a strong impression and connection with the editor.  Keep in mind that editors have to meet the needs and wants of their readers.  If you can responsibly and professionally fill that need they’ll be interested in hearing from you.  They are always on the lookout for good, proficient writers.  One more thing to remember is that you have a short window of time in which to do this.  Your first sentence or two is called the ‘hook’ and that’s what it must be designed to do; hook them into reading more.

Approximate Length of your Pitch Letter

Keep your pitch letter tight, keep it compelling, and keep it absolutely interesting.

If you get the editor to read past the first paragraph, then good for you.  You’re in the running.  Now, keep them reading by expanding your idea in the second and maybe a third short paragraph.  Give them a memorable and inspiring story line.  Tell a little bit about yourself.  What makes you an expert on this topic?  Your pitch letter should be no longer than one page.

The Format for a Pitch Letter

June 3, 2012

Melissa Wong
12143 Willow Lane
Powell, TN
(865) 237-5531

Janice Sams
Managing Editor Food Magazine

Dear Janice,

As an avid reader of your magazine and very attuned to the kinds of articles you print, I’m hoping you’ll be interested in this article on some heavenly and delightfully unique coffee bean mixtures.  They’re robust, and each has its own combination of out of the ordinary ingredients that give each one an exclusively tasteful and delicious flavor.

Here you will introduce your own idea on an article; summarize it in one or two sentences to start with.  Build their interest.

In reading your magazine, I’ve noticed that you like to put a spin on the ordinary.  That is what I did with these coffee bean mixes. They’re tantalizing blends of coffee beans that can be found in specialty stores or online.  I’ve tested several blends before arriving at the final mixes.  It’s not only the coffee bean mix but the additional unusual herbs and spices that make it extraordinarily pleasing.

This is where you will expand on your idea in a few more sentences.  You’re not writing the whole article.  You will just be trying to pitch an idea that they can use. 

I’ve been a coffee aficionado since I was old enough to understand what that wonderful aroma of brewing morning coffee was all about.  As a barista for many years I learned some basics about coffee beans and the many varieties available.

Give them some background info so they will understand why you have the authority to pitch the story to them.   What connection do you have with the story idea? 

I’ve read your guidelines and have no doubt that this article will fit well with your magazine’s needs and your reader’s desires.  Believe me when I say it will make them look forward to getting up in the mornings and enjoying a great cup of coffee.  I look forward to hearing from you.


Melissa Wong

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