Productive and Persuasive Example of an Application Letter for a Summer Job

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This example of an application letter for a summer job can help you to land that fun, fascinating, or essential experience you need to further your career. A summer job can help you to expand your horizons, or help you to gain valuable experience in your field of study. Gaining experience while completing your certification in any profession can go a long way to helping you secure a top position when you eventually enter the work force on a full time basis. For this reason, a summer job application should not be taken lightly – it can even help to open the door to full time employment with your summertime employer. Make the best impression, and nail that important summer job by using our persuasive and powerful example of an application for a summer job.

Open the Door to Opportunity by Using Our Example of an Application Letter for a Summer Job

This example application letter for a summer job is designed to generate a potential employer’s interest in you. An application letter creates the very first impression of you, and so should be written to stimulate the employer to find out more about you by reading your CV. At the same time, you don’t want to give them too much information in your application letter – the goal is to wet their appetite only. This will propel them to really want to read your CV, and could even stimulate them to invite you for an interview immediately. Let’s take a look at how this is done in our example of an application letter for a summer job.

If after reading the sample below you are ready to compose your own application letter, you can Download This Example of an Application Letter for a Summer Job and edit it to include your personal information on your home computer.

Jenny Morris
42 Hawthorn Rd.
Grand Rapids, MN
Tel: 412-554-0079

April 11, 2002

Mr. Hans Schumacher
Head of Research
Legwork Laboratories
4259 Great River Rd.
Saint Cloud, MN

Dear Mr. Schumacher,

I would like to apply for the position of Summer Research Assistant as advertised in the Consumer and Science News Journal. 

I am currently pursuing my BA degree in Biological Sciences and have experience in both laboratory and field research. My laboratory experience includes the application of chemistry and geology in the analysis and observation of microbes, and during the course of environmental field studies I have assisted with establishing filed laboratories to assess water chemistry in the lakes of the Chippewa National Forest. 

I am very excited by your own research in the Leech Lake area to document the potential effects of global warming on lake water levels, and would be honored to be part of such an innovative study.

I believe that I would bring passion and dedication to your team of researchers while enhancing my research skills under your expertise.

I will follow up with you by telephone next week to find out if you believe my current curriculum and experience match with your needs. If so, I look forward to meeting with you in person for a formal interview.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to meeting you.


Jenny Morris

Once you are comfortable with what to include and how to format your application letter you can Download This Example of an Application Letter for a Summer Job and edit it to include your personal details.

Tips and Useful Sentences you can Use with our Example of an Application for a Summer Job:

  • State the reasons you wish to join the company or organization you are applying to
  • Highlight the skills and qualification – both academic and experience – that make you the right candidate for the position
  • Proof read your letter to make sure it is grammatically correct

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