Sincere and Sophisticated Example of a Business Apology Letter

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Using an example of a business apology letter as a template to form your own letter will enable you to craft an apology that is both sophisticated and sincere. Customer and business associate relationships are integral to the success of your business. Such a letter must be written in a way that exemplifies your professionalism as a business person, as well as your sincerity as a human being. For a customer or associate to accept your apology, they must believe that you are really sorry, and that you are worth continuing to do business with. It can be quite a tall order to accomplish both in a single letter, but not so if you take direction from our example of a business apology letter.

The Format of Our Example of a Business Apology Letter

As it is a formal business letter, our business apology letter example is written in the standard block format. This involves formatting all of the text to the left margin of the page, while composing the content in sections of text known as “blocks.” The body of the letter should contain specifics about the situation that necessitates an apology, and how you intend to rectify the situation. It is extremely important not to make excuses. Taking responsibility, showing that you are genuinely sorry, and instigating a remedy will win you points with both customers and business associates. The point of the letter is not just to apologize, but to retain the relationship you have with them.

If after inspecting the example below you are confident to begin composing your own business apology letter, you can Download This Example of a Business Apology Letter and edit it on your own computer to suit your specific situation.

Mr. Lars Petersen
Client Relationship Manager
Tolstoy Engineering and Manufacturing Inc
Eastside Industrial Park
Pittsburgh, PA
Tel: 614-755-9873

July 17, 2001

Mr. Judd Neilson
President and CEO
Austin Automotive Industries
17 Tuscany Way
Tuscany Business Park
Austin, TX

Dear Mr. Neilson,

We are extremely sorry that the goods shipped on June 14, 2001 (Purchase Order #089932) did not meet our usually high standards. We appreciate that the defective products have caused Austin Automotive a great inconvenience in addition to logistical problems, and completely understand your disappointment. 

The defects were unfortunately cause by a new composite material we used in the production of the goods shipped to you, and we fully agree that the quality is well below what our customers have come to expect and deserve. 

We have remedied the situation by reverting to our previous mixture, and are currently in the process of thoroughly investigating the situation, while implementing more advanced testing and development procedures. 

I can assure you that only the highest standards of quality will be met in the future. Protecting our hard-earned reputation as an industry leader is if the utmost importance to us, as is ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers. 

Presently we are utilizing additional staff in the production of your replacement order to expedite production, and guarantee its delivery by July 30, 2001. We have also requested our shipping company to collect the defective goods within 48 hours in order that you are not inconvenienced by the loss of warehouse space. 

We look forward to extending the mutually beneficial business relationship that our companies have enjoyed over the past seven years.

Again I apologize for this matter, and if I can do anything further to minimize the disruption to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally on 614-755-9873 ext. 001.


Mr. Lars Petersen
Client Relationship Manager
Tolstoy Engineering and Manufacturing Inc.

This example has been crafted so that it can be easily adapted to fit your personal situation and requirements. To take advantage of our expertise Download This Example of a Business Apology Letter and edit it on your personal computer.

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with This Example of a Business Apology Letter:

  • Write your apology letter as soon as possible.
  • Place yourself in the position of the customer and be understanding of the problems that might have been encountered by them.
  • Be generous with the remedy you suggest. It is wise to offer a little more to keep a customer than to be stingy or proud and lose them forever.

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