Teacher Resignation Examples – Resign with Dignity and Respect

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When it’s time to send in your resignation letter, this teacher resignation letter will allow you to resign with pride and respect.  Your letter can and should be a written testament of your life as a teacher, mentor, encourager, and counselor.  It should reflect and encapsulate all you’ve accomplished in this position of influence.  You’re given so much over the years.  Now it’s time to resign with respect and dignity for what you’ve accomplished

The Benefits of Using Teacher Resignation Letter Examples

Whether you’ve taught for 5 years or for over 15 years, you’ll want your Teacher Letter of Resignation to be a final credit to your profession and who you were.  As a teacher you inspired students to learn, grow and change.  You encouraged them to challenge themselves by expanding their thinking with new ideas and insights.  You were their mentor and educator.  You asked them in a variety of ways to reach further toward their potential.  You were a credit to the teaching profession, so make your letter of resignation resonate with pride and respect.  Make it memorable – which will make you memorable.

This Teacher Resignation Letter Will Present You as the Professional You Are

You’ll be pleased and proud to send in this teacher resignation letter as it will present you as the professional that you are.  You had a gratifying and unforgettable career not only because of the many students whose lives you touched but also because of the pride and joy you took in their accomplishments.  Now, for whatever reason, it’s time to step down and allow another to take your place as teacher, mentor, and educator.

You should be proud of who you are and all you accomplished and we recommend you share all of this and more in your letter of resignation.

How You’ll Use and Adapt This Letter Of Resignation To Make It Personal

You’ll begin your Teacher Resignation letter in the traditional business manner – with your name, address and contact information.  Leave spaces between your information, the date and the name of the contact information of the recipient.  Your letter will follow this format:

Mr. Jason Breeden
1264 Olive St.
Knoxville, TN
Tel: 865-588-9527

May 14, 2012

Mr. Tom Smith
Principal of Bearden High School
1500 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN

Dear Mr. Smith,

I have enjoyed teaching at Bearden High School for the past 12 years however, after much deliberation and due to personal reasons I am turning in my letter of resignation.  Needless to say, this is not an easy decision to make after so many years at Bearden High school.   It’s difficult to wrap up such a significant part of my life.  Teaching has been my passion.  It has defined me and I will always cherish the memories, the camaraderie with my fellow teachers and the respectful position with my students.

It’s been my privilege and reward to share my passion with the students in my classes over the years.  It’s also been my privilege to watch them grow, change, and be challenged even as I, as a teacher have had a parallel experience of growth, change and personal development as I fulfilled my role as mentor and educator.

I have no regrets, only great memories that will stay with me forever.  I will always be very proud of my role as an educator and all I feel like I have accomplished.  Please accept my resignation, effective at the end of this school term.


Jason Breeden

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