Thank You Letter Example – After an Interview

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After an interview for a job you’ll be expected to write a thank you letter, showing your appreciation, not only of their time but also for providing you with further clarifications of the responsibilities of the position.   A thank you letter will show your professionalism and your understanding of fundamental business practices.

Remember, they are seeking you out for a reason (your qualifications and experience) and in addition they are trying to make a final decision based on all the information they have acquired.  Their job as the interviewer is to accurately access you, your strengths and weaknesses and decide if you are the best fit for the available position.  Your job is to convince them that you are the best candidate.

In the thank you letter, you will want to reiterate your interest in the position with the company and your availability.  Since you’ve decided this is a likely fit and one you feel confident about, you can expand on that concept.  Give additional insight as to why you can effectively fill this position. Explain how this would be a mutually profitable relationship.

Be sure to let them know that you have looked into their company, researched it and liked what you learned and where the company is headed.   With your work experience and understanding of business practices you see no problem with integrating yourself into their system.  Make it clear and evident to them that you’re a satisfactory fit.

If, after the interview you saw more connections between your background experience and the job’s description, function or structure than before, this would be a good place to bring those up and further explain that fit.   You are still selling yourself – until you’ve actually landed the job.

This example thank you letter will give you a strong base to build on and expand on since each job is so unique. Be bold and confident in fleshing this out.

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