Example of a Cover Letter for a Government Job

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A good government cover letter will need to come across professionally and follow the expected protocol and format for these jobs.  This is extremely important and in your best interest to do your cover letter correctly.  This example will be in the expected format and it will allow you to put in your own information according to which job you are applying for.  Keep in mind that your cover letter will be your initial introduction to who you are and what job you are interested in pursuing and why you are an ideal candidate.

Government Jobs ID Code

There are literally thousands of government jobs available.  Each listing comes with an ID code number and a complete, detailed description of the job requirements.  To start with you will use the reference code number in the first paragraph of your cover letter and state what the job title is.  Do some research and make sure you are familiar with the agency or department of the government that you are pursuing so your letter comes across professionally.

Content of Your Government Cover Letter

In the body of your government cover letter, you will want to explain why you are applying for this particular job.  You will need to give relevant information here, including past experiences or other details about you that will present you as a good candidate for the job.  Briefly highlight those previous experiences that tie in directly to the job you are applying for.  Your resume that follows will provide the details.

You will want to provide an interesting synopsis of who you are and what you are capable of doing and that you are a professional.  Focus on useful information so they will be inspired to read your resume.  Finally, direct them to your enclosed resume and include your availability for an interview.

Example of a Cover Letter for a Government Job 

Mitchell Reese
1642 Highland Park Rd.
Nashville, TN

T: 865-342-1987
Email: mreese@gmail.com

September 3, 2009

Reed Silver
Head of HR
Department of Agriculture
Asheville, NC

Re: Animal Health Technician Job Ref. #ST-423658-S2
Here you will reference the specific job you are applying for and direct it to the correct department and person responsible for hiring.

Dear Reed Silver,

I am applying for the Animal Health Technician Job advertised on the USAJobs.gov website dated May 4, 2010.
Give reference again to the job title and where you saw it advertised.

For the past five years I have worked as a veterinarian’s assistant in one of the largest Veterinarian Offices in Nashville.  I have also been working toward my degree in veterinarian science and will be graduating in the fall of this year.  I am very interested in taking my skills, education and experience to the next level.
Your background in relation to the job you are applying for is very important.  Your reason for wanting this position is also important.  Give a brief synopsis as an introduction to who you are.

I believe the Animal Health Technician Job that is posted is something I am completely capable of handling and one I am very interested in pursuing.  I have had hands-on experience in a large variety of situations and circumstances pertaining to animal health.  I have assisted the veterinarian here in Nashville in every capacity from simple diagnosis to major surgeries.  I have also had experience working with quite a large variety of animals.  I have an easy rapport with the owners and have been interested in taking care of animals since my youth.

Besides the animals that are brought in we also go to the local farms at least once a week to assist in the care of larger animalsI believe I have an exceptional well-rounded knowledge and expertise in several areas of animal care and continue to learn on a daily basis.  My resume will give you a more complete listing of the variety of experiences I have had.
Expand here on some interesting experiences that will showcase you as a valuable employee and a likely candidate.

Attached is a copy of my resume.  My contact information is available at the top of the page if you have further questions.   I look forward to meeting with you.  I am very flexible so far as my availability to interview with you.  Please contact me at your convenience.
You can mention your included resume and contact information.   If you have specific availability for an interview, provide the days and/or times you can meet with them.


Mitchell Reese


Additional Information for Your Government Cover Letter

You have a reason for wanting this position.  You may want to bring in some of these concepts to your government cover letter:

  • Further your career
  • You’ve been preparing yourself for an opportunity like this one has to offer
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Looking forward to expanding your expertise in this area
  • Very interested in this field and you already have many of the necessary skills that would make this an easy transition
  • This is an area you excel in and are enthusiastic about
  • Willing to get additional training or schooling

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