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When making business announcements, examples of the various formats for writing an announcement can be used to save you time, and keep your business announcement clear and authoritative. In addition to a taking a variety of formats, business announcements are needed for many occasions. Our business announcements examples can be used for; change of location, change of name, change of ownership, new employee announcement, introducing a new product, clearance sales, expansion, and much more. A business announcement is an important tool in keeping in touch with both your customers or clients, and your staff. Any business, whether big or small, can benefit from using our business announcements examples.

How Our Business Announcements Examples Can Help Your Business

The most important part of any business is its clients or customers. Keeping them informed and up to date on developments and new products or services is vital to your success. Our business announcements examples can also be used to attract new clients or customers, introducing them to your business and letting them know the benefits of using it. Good communication with your employees is another crucial factor to your business’s success. Imagine you hire a new manager or supervisor and he just shows up at work without any notice and begins ordering your employees around. This would certainly alienate them, and consequently have an adverse effect on their production. This can be avoided by using our employee oriented business announcements examples.

How to Write Business Announcements – Examples for Customers

When writing any business announcement it is important to follow a particular format. First of all, you will want the announcement to be clear, to the point, and written in language that your customer or client will understand. To illustrate how to write a business announcement, we’ll use the scenario of announcing a change of address. Before even beginning to write however, you’ll first want to determine exactly what information you want to include, in this case; you’re current address, and where your business will be relocating to, the date you’ll be moving, and when you’ll be opening for business at your new address.

As this is a formal announcement it should be printed on company stationary containing your letterhead. If you’re a small business with no official stationery, you’ll want to use a block format as we do in our business announcements examples. It will look like this:

Mr. Peter Jameson
J. Jameson Associates
42 Main St.
Plaistow, NH
Tel: 441-234-5679
March 17, 2003

Mr. Henry Williams
14 Oak St.
Haverhill, MA.

Dear Mr. Williams,

The body of your announcement should contain information that is clear and accurate. You’ll want your customer or client to know exactly when you’re moving, and the precise address of your new location. They should also be informed if there will be an interruption in services, and if so, when service will be resumed. It should look something like this:

On Tuesday, March 30, 2003, the offices of J. Jameson Associates will be moving to:

1217 High St.
Plaistow, NH

Accordingly we will have a new telephone number:


There will ne no interruption to our business services, and we will look forward to your continued patronage. If you have any further questions regarding our move, please feel free to contact client services at:



Peter Jameson
Head of Client Services

Please feel free to Download This One of Our Business Announcements Examples and tailor it to suit your personal requirements.

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with our Business Announcements Examples:

  • Include a postage paid return form with your business announcement so that you can keep track of your customer base.
  • Check to make sure your new address and contact information is accurate.
  • Advertise your relocation in a local newspaper. This could also serve to attract new customers or clients who may live in the area.

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