Effective Employee Evaluation – Violation of Lunch Break Rules Example Letter

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This violation of lunch break rules example letter can be used to warn, yet encourage employees who have problems sticking to the rules. Returning to work late from lunch is one of the most frequent problems employers experience with their employees. This is a practice that not only affects the output of any business, but also can inconvenience other workers. When someone comes back late from lunch, it leaves the employee who is scheduled to go after them with less time for their own break. This can lead to frustration and confusion in entire departments, so nip this practice in the bud by using our violation of lunch break rules example letter.

How to Best Use of Our Violation of Lunch Break Rules Example Letter

Once you understand the structure and format of our violation of lunch break rules example letter you can make effective use of it. As it is a formal business letter it needs to be formatted in a way that expresses authority. For this reason we use the block style in our example, as it is a widely recognized as an authoritative format for business correspondence. The name comes from the way in which the text is written in sections or “blocks,” each block subsequently separated by a single space. The text is all justified to the left of the page, giving the letter a professional and serious appearance. Our example is also easily editable with a bit of cutting and pasting; you can conveniently replace the contents of our example with your own sentiments.

Once you understand its format you can Download This Violation of Lunch Break Rules Example Letter and edit I on your computer using Microsoft Word or a similar program.

Our violation of lunch break rules example letter begins with the proper addressing. Your name and contact information come first, next the date, the name and contact details of the reader, and finally the greeting or salutation. It should look like this:

Mr. Joshua Moore
Client Services Manager
Fantastic Finance Co.
444 Broadway
New York, NY 21007
Tel: 216-779-9598
Email: jmoore@fantasticfinance.com

April 4, 2002

Ms. Allison Brown
22 W 14th St.
New York, NY 21007

Dear Ms. Brown,

It is important that in the body of your letter, you not only point out that the employee is in violation of company rules, you must try to encourage them to change their behavior. This is not always easy to accomplish, as the seriousness of the offense must be demonstrated while showing that you are also supportive of them.

Be sure to include details of specific instances when the employee has been late such as times and dates. Back up your claims with statements from managers or supervisors, and include references to their working contract where applicable. Let them know the implications of continued tardiness, but extend a helping hand to help them overcome what could just be a bad habit.

Tricky yes, but watch how we do it in our violation of lunch break rules example letter:

It has been brought to my attention by your manager Mr. James Williams that you have been consistently late in returning from your lunch breaks over the last three weeks. Mr. Williams has informed me that he had an informal meeting with you to discuss your behavior, yet it has continued.

I must inform you that, not only is such behavior in violation of your contact with us (State Company Policy or Clause in Employee Contract) but it demonstrates a lack of respect for both the company and your fellow workers.

In the last instance on March 27, 2002 you received a verbal warning from Mr. Williams when you returned more than 20 minutes late from your lunch break. I have to now advise you that another instance will result in a written warning that will appear on your permanent employee record, and could eventually lead to your dismissal.

To avoid this happening, I would like to arrange a meeting with you to discuss how we could help you to better manage this time. Please sign and date this document as recognition of your receipt and understanding of it, and return it to Mr. Williams within 2 working days.

In the meantime I will arrange a meeting to include you, myself, and Mr. Williams so that we can discuss this problem. You are a valued employee of Fantastic Finance and have received many commendations from our clients. We would hate to see you sabotage your career for such an easily remediable situation. 


Joshua Moore
Client Services Manager

Received by:


When you are ready to compose your own letter you can Download This Violation of Lunch Break Rules Example Letter and edit it to meet your personal requirements.

Tips and Useful Sentences you Can Use with this Violation of Lunch Break Rules Example Letter:

  • Be firm but let the employee know you are willing to work with them to improve their behavior.
  • Offer to enroll the employee in a time management course.
  • Highlight the positive attributes of the employee to motivate them to be more responsible.

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