Encouraging Example Letter of Commendation for Extra Effort

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This example letter of commendation for extra effort can be used to commend and encourage employees who have performed above and beyond the call of duty. It is important to reward workers who have given that little bit extra for the benefit of the company. Doing so not only maintains their loyalty, but encourages other employees to respond in kind. But such commendation needs to be given in such a way that it doesn’t discount the efforts of other employees. To ensure tactfulness and diplomacy in delivering a commendation, use our example letter of commendation for extra effort.

How to Best Use of Our Example Letter of Commendation for Extra Effort

Understanding the structure and format of our example letter of commendation for extra effort is paramount to making the best use of it. Because it is a formal business letter it needs to be formatted as such. We use the block style in our sample, as it is a widely accepted format for business correspondence. Its name is derived from the way in which the text is written in sections or “blocks,” each block being separated by a single space with the text justified to the left of the page. An added benefit is that it is easy to edit with a bit of cutting and pasting; you can conveniently replace the contents of our example with that of your own.

Once you understand the format you can Download This Example Letter of Commendation for Extra Effort and edit it using Microsoft Word or a similar program.

The first section of our example letter of commendation for extra effort contains the proper addressing. You first place your name and contact information at the top left of the page, then the date, followed by the name and contact details of the reader, and lastly the greeting or salutation as follows:

Mr. John Stanley
Managing Director
Nostalgic Novelty Company
223 Main St.
Birmingham, AL 214003
Tel: 413-579-6278
Email: jstanley@nostalgia.com

April 14, 2012

Mr. Eric Redmond
22 6th Ave South
Birmingham, AL 214003

Dear Eric,

You’ll notice that the body of our example letter of commendation for extra effort is short, but to the point. There is no need for loft praise; just a short, simple commendation is required. Make sure you mention the specifics of the employee’s efforts however, as otherwise they might feel your commendation is generic, and thus meaningless. Here’s how we do this in our example:

I have been advised by your supervisor of the extraordinary effort you put forth in assisting the Shipping Department to manage a rushed order from one of our most important clients last month.

I feel it is important to inform you that your efforts helped us to retain that client’s business, and the company is extremely appreciative of the effort you made.

Having personal knowledge of your history here at Nostalgia Novelty, I am certain you believe that you were “just doing your job.” Although that is indeed true, it is a severe understatement of your level of loyalty and commitment to the goals of the company.

I would like to personally thank you for your service over the years, and for your specific efforts in this instance.


John Stanley
Managing Director

Whenever you are ready to compose your own letter of commendation you can Download This Example Letter of Commendation for Extra Effort and edit it to include your personal information.

Tips and Useful Sentences You Can Use with our Example Letter of Commendation for Extra Effort:

  • Be specific about the efforts of your employee.
  • Use words such as dedication and loyalty to encourage the qualities you expect from your employees.
  • Send your letter as soon as possible after you are informed of the employee’s outstanding performance.

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