Employee Evaluation – Lack of Availability for Overtime Example Letter

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This lack of availability for overtime example letter can be used to reprimand an employee who refuses to work overtime. Though it is understandable that some employees face obligations and family responsibilities that makes it difficult for them to work overtime, they must understand that sometimes it is necessary to do so. The employer must also be reasonable in this area; not over-taxing employees with overtime requirements, and even going as far as to help them to make arrangements outside of work so they may do so. Obviously there needs to be compromise on both sides, and nothing promotes this better than our lack of availability for overtime example letter

How to Best Use of Our Lack of Availability for Overtime Example Letter

Our lack of availability for overtime example letter is best used if you first comprehend its structure and format. Because it’s a formal business letter it needs to be formatted appropriately. Our example is written in the block style, an internationally accepted format for business letters.

The block style takes its name from the way in which the text is written in sections or “blocks.” Each block is then separated by a space and aligned to the left of the page, imparting a professional appearance to the letter, and making it easy to edit. With a bit of cutting and pasting you can quickly replace the contents of our lack of availability for overtime example letter with your own information.

Once you understand its format you can Download Our Lack of Availability for Overtime Example Letter and edit it on your own computer using Microsoft Word or a similar program.

Our lack of availability for overtime example letter begins with properly formatting the address. Your name and contact information are typed first, followed by the date, the name and contact details of the reader, ending with the greeting or salutation. It should look like this:

Mr. Jake Alexander
Human Resources Manager
Thompson’s Transport
52 E. Water St.
Dover, DE 472201
Tel: 413-415-3789
Email: jalexander@thompsons.com

March 19, 2006

Mr. Mark Hamilton
16 Pine St.
Dover, DE 472201

Dear Mr. Hamilton,

In the body of your letter, you need to reprimand the employee for their lack of availability for overtime, yet remain sensitive to their circumstances. Still, you must further let them know what the consequences of not working to accommodate the company’s needs will be.

This is a sensitive subject, but notice how we remain firm, but fair, in the body of our lack of availability for overtime example letter that follows.

I am writing to confirm the points of our discussion this afternoon about your continued failure to meet company requirements regarding availability for overtime as required to meet production needs.

The job description in your contract as a full-time hourly-paid employee states that Thompson’s Transport has the right ask a reasonable amount of overtime of our employees in order to meet our needs. We do recognize that some of our employees might face difficulties in this area due to family obligations or other reasons, but the firm’s ability to depend on our staff for overtime is a critical aspect of your job.

Where and when it is possible, our department heads have been instructed to make special arrangements for employees who require child care during overtime periods. However, in the past sixe months, you have refused every by your supervisor regarding overtime assignments. 

This letter is to advise you that your continued refusal to work overtime is not acceptable, and as such we must advise you that if you do not make yourself available for overtime hours in the future, we will be forced to terminate your employment with us.  

If you would like the assistance of Human Resources to arrange child care, or overcoming any other obstacles to you meeting our needs, please contact Sandra Jones at extension 0003.


Mr. Jake Alexander
Human Resources Manager

Once you are ready to compose your own letter you can Download This Lack of Availability for Overtime Example Letter and edit it to contain the details of your own particular situation.

Tips and Useful Sentences You Can Use with our Lack of Availability for Overtime Example Letter:

  • Be firm but fair in your reprimand.
  • Offer to help your employee to make any arrangements that would help them to meet company needs.
  • Make it worth your employees while by giving them incentives to work overtime such as bonuses or days off in lieu.

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