Employee Evaluation – Inability to Meet Sales Goals Example Letter

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Our inability to meet sales goals example letter can be used to confront an employee who consistently falls short of making sales quotas. Workers who are employed as sales people are required to meet certain expectations. This can include increasing sales revenues or acquiring more clients. Occasionally these employees may fall short of their quota, and in such cases should be encouraged or given further training. If after doing so an employee continues to fall short of quotas, it is necessary to reprimand them in writing. Nothing better serves this purpose than our inability to meet sales goals example letter.

How to Best Use of Our Inability to Meet Sales Goals Example Letter

Our inability to meet sales goals example letter is best used if you first understand its structure and format. This type of letter is considered a formal business letter, and so it must be formatted appropriately. Our example is written in the block style, a widely accepted format for business letters.

The block style takes its name from the way in which the text is written in sections or “blocks.” Each block is then separated by a space and aligned to the left of the page, imparting a professional appearance to the letter, and making it easy to edit. With a bit of cutting and pasting you can quickly replace the contents of our inability to meet sales goals example letter with your own information.

Once you understand its format you can Download Our Inability to Meet Sales Goals Example Letter and edit it on your own computer using Microsoft Word or a similar program.

Our inability to meet sales goals example letter begins with formatting the address correctly. This is done by first typing your name and contact information at the top left of the page, followed by the date, the name and contact details of the reader, ending with the greeting or salutation. Each section is separated by a space. It should look like this:

Mrs. Mary Markham
Head of Sales
Millennia Sales and Marketing
41 S. Olive St.
Los Angeles, CA 400721
Tel: 512-779-6873
Email: mmarkham@millenia.com

June 7, 2009

Mr. Mark Emery
19 Magnolia Blvd.
Glendale, CA 401301

Dear Mr. Emery,

In the body of your letter you need to explain the consequences of continued failure to meet goals for a number of subsequent sales periods. Depending in how often the employee has come up short in their quota, the letter could be a simple warning, or an actual termination letter. In our inability to meet sales goals example letter we announce the employee’s termination as follows:

Your monthly sales returns have continually failed to meet quota for the past three months. Your overall sales figures for the year have also fallen well below company expectations.  

I have met with you three times during that period to discuss how you could improve your performance, and the company has paid for two sales training courses, yet there has been no improvement in your numbers.

In our previous meeting I suggested that you transfer to a non-commissioned position in the Marketing Department providing sales support to out sales team. You unfortunately declined that offer, and so we have decided to terminate your employment with us. 

We do provide a severance package to dismissed employees which you can discuss with Mr. Herman Ford in Human Resources. We are sorry that you have not been able to realize your potential while with us, and wish you all the success in your future endeavors.


Mrs. Mary Markham
Head of Sales

Once you are ready to compose your own letter you can Download Our Inability to Meet Sales Goals Example Letter and edit it to include the details of your particular situation.

Tips and Useful Sentences You Can Use with our Inability to Meet Sales Goals Example Letter:

  • Include documentation from your sales records that backs up your claims.
  • Ensure that you have taken every step possible to train the employee in proper sales techniques before terminating them.
  • Always offer an alternative to dismissal such as a transfer to another department.

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