Employee Evaluation Violation of Computer Security Rules Example Letter

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Our violation of computer security rules example letter can be used to reprimand an employee who has violated a firm’s terms of computer use. Unfortunately this is much too common an issue in today’s business world, as many employees don’t realize the danger this type of behavior poses to the integrity of the firm they are working for. A virus picked up by visiting a malicious website could compromise the identities and other data of clients and employees alike. Because this conduct is so common, it is crucial to have a standard letter that can be sent to any employee in violation of company computer-use rules. Nothing serves this purpose better than our violation of computer security rules example letter.

How to Best Use Our Violation of Computer Security Rules Example Letter

Our violation of computer security rules example letter is best used by first comprehending its structure and format. As it’s a formal business letter it should be formatted appropriately. Our example is written in the block style, a globally acceptable format for business letters.

The block style takes its name from the way in which the text is written in sections or “blocks.” Each block is then separated by a space and aligned to the left of the page, imparting a professional appearance to the letter, and making it easy to edit. With a bit of cutting and pasting you can quickly replace the contents of our violation of computer security rules example letter with your own information.

Once you understand its format you can Download Our Violation of Computer Security Rules Example Letter and edit it on your own computer using Microsoft Word or a similar program.

Our violation of computer security rules example letter begins with properly formatting the address. Your name and contact information are typed first, followed by the date, the name and contact details of the reader, ending with the greeting or salutation. It should look like this:

Mr. Joe Sharp
Human Resources Manager
Action Accounting Ltd.
42 High St.
Cambridge, MA 670201
Tel: 613-559-3789
Email: jsharp@action.com

May 3, 2010

Mr. Markus James
16 Allen St.
Cambridge, MA 670201

Dear Mr. James,

In the body of your letter, you need to reprimand the employee for their lack of judgment regarding their internet use, and warn them that this type of behavior will not be tolerated. . Still, you must further let them know what the consequences of visiting certain websites could be. You might say something like:

According to a report by the Information Technology Office, you have consistently used your company-issued computer to access non job-related websites. These websites include an online gambling site, a shopping site, a sports news website, and several others that are included on the department’s forbidden list.

Company regulations require that employees not use personal digital assitants (PDAs) or their computers to access any site that might compromise the integrity of our data or which is contrary to the company’s mission statement or an employee’s job description.

If you have any questions regarding the policies concerning the use of the firm’s computer resources, you may contact me at extension 2344.

At this time we are only advising you that a continuation of this practice will be cause for immediate dismissal.


Joe Sharp
Human Resources Manager

Once you are ready to compose your own letter you can Download Our Violation of Computer Security Rules Example Letter and edit it to contain the details of your own particular situation.

Tips and Useful Sentences You Can Use with our Violation of Computer Security Rules Example Letter:

  • Make sure you have documentation from your IT department that backs up your claims.
  • Offer to help employees to understand your company’s policy regarding computer use by providing them with a printed copy of the rules.
  • Stress the danger that their online behavior is putting the data of the company, clients, other employees, and themselves in.

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