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The purpose of a meeting letter is to inform all the parties involved about an upcoming meeting or web conference.  It will clearly state where the meeting is to be held and the time of the meeting.  There should also be a way for each person to respond and verify attendance.

This meeting letter will be an example of a meeting between employees within a company.  It can be adapted to your particular meeting with all particulars adjusted to fit your need.

Participants to be Included in the Meeting Letter

The combination of employees and companies involved can vary quite a bit and the number of participants can also vary.   The meeting can be either personal, between an employee and a supervisor or it can be more involved, including several staff employees and upper management.

If it’s your job to set this meeting up and notify the participants, be sure to have a complete and accurate list of attendees.  Next, be sure to have specific and accurate information regarding the starting time and possible ending time, and place of the meeting.  If a meal or beverages are going to be provided or if they need to bring their own, give them this information up front so they will be prepared.   If the location is not familiar to all participants, be sure to include directions and be specific about the location, such as which floor, room number and parking information.

Response to a Meeting Letter

The last part of your meeting letter should include a way for the participants to verify that they received the letter and also verify their attendance.  Give them a phone number or an email address they can respond to.   It will make it easy for them to respond quickly if this information is provided on the letter so they don’t have to look it up.

Format for a Meeting Letter

Since this is a formal letter, it will be in business format, on company letterhead.  Date at the top, followed by the general name of the attendees, such as Board members, Financial Department, Human Resources, or a number of other Department names.   It just needs to be clear so far as who is expected to be in attendance.  If you need to include specific employees, their names can be listed.

Follow this with the Body of the letter, giving either the gist of the meeting or you can give a list of the agenda with bullets.  Then finally give them a way to respond and verify their attendance.

July 5, 2012

To the Board Members
Cooper Technical Company

Our monthly board meeting will be next week, on Wednesday, July 12, 2012 at 10:00 am.
This will be held in our conference room on the third floor. Come prepared for a lengthy meeting as we will be going over several topics of concern and discussing strategies that need to be implemented. Will we try to wrap this up at around 2:30 pm.

Adapt this first paragraph to fit your company and the time and place of your meeting.

Give a starting time and possibly an ending time. You can provide them with a brief scenario of the meeting.   All of this is to prepare them ahead of time, so they can be thinking along the same line.

Bring all pertinent notes, memos and copies of reports concerning the following topics:

  • Purchasing new equipment for the office staff, especially an updated copy machine.
  • Additional marketing and advertising ideas to implement.
  • Expanding our product line.
  • Health Insurance contract is up for review.
  • Annual employee picnic.
  • Sponsoring a fund raiser for the M.S fundraiser

Bullets giving the outline of the agenda are the easiest to follow.  They are simple to use and give general direction.  Make a list of the most import issues that will be covered.

We realize this is a lot to cover at one time so we will be providing a lunch break and beverages throughout the meeting.  If you have any concerns or comments or have suggestions for additional topics to be discussed, please email them to my attention.  Also, please respond to my secretary before next Monday letting me know that you will be there as planned and that you have no conflicting schedule as it is important for all to attend.  You may either call (355-0271) or email ( my assistant.  Please be on time as there is much to cover.

Here, again be sure to include a way for the participants to respond or to give any necessary feedback before the meeting comes up.  They may have additional concerns that need to be added to the agenda.

James Brogan
President, Cooper Technical Company

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