Waiver Letter Example – Draw One Up for Your Own Protection

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There will be many times when a waiver letter will be needed to document an agreement between two parties.  It is used to verify an arrangement made and the release from liability by the major party.  It will usually be for a specific situation, time and place.  This will be a legally binding agreement and verified by signatures and dates.  The terms will be specific and understood by each party.

Contents of a Wavier Letter

Since a wavier letter is a legal business letter, it is important that the details of the agreement are spelled out in detail so there are no questions and everyone is in total agreement and so each party has complete understanding of the terms of the waiver.

The specifics will depend on the circumstances.  If you are the owner of land, a building, equipment or anything else that can be used or leased out to others, you will want to cover yourself if any accident occurs so you are not held libel.

A wavier letter can be a simple statement of release or waiver regarding a single time and location or it may be very complex and include a list of waivers and cover a longer period of time.  Many organizations have a pre-made waiver letter, usually one drawn up by a lawyer.  For some organizations or companies, a waiver will be part of a larger lease agreement.

Format for a Waiver Letter

If you do need to draw up your own waiver letter for a specific need, there is a clear format that is easy to follow:

  • Put the agreement on company or organization letterhead
  • Include the date of the agreement; may have a beginning and ending date if it is to cover a period of time.
  • Put the recipient’s name and address on the top left of the letter
  • Skip two lines and start the Salutation; Dear…..
  • The first paragraph should clearly define the specifics of the waiver.  Include who, what, when, where and anything else of pertinent information.  Be concise and specific
  • A second paragraph can expound more fully on these details.  Here you can ask for specific action to be taken by the recipient.
  • When finished, your signature and title, if applicable will conclude the letter.

Appletree Farm, Inc.
North Fork Rd.
Kingston, TN

April 10, 2011

Mr. John Tapps
3214 Wilke Rd.
Knoxville TN

Dr. Mr. Tapps,

As we discussed and as our policy is, you must sign this letter of waiver before using our facility at Appletree Farm for your daughter’s reception. 

This is just an introduction to the waiver.  It will have the name of your organization or company and maybe a brief reason for its use.

I, _________________________hereby agree that:

This is for the non-owner, the person who will be agreeing to the waiver for a period of time.

Appletree Farm, Inc. is not responsible for any accident that may occur while using your facility for a wedding reception on June 10, 2011.

If any damage occurs to me personally or to individuals at the event, I cannot bring about a lawsuit against any of the employees working on the property.

If I or any of my guests are injured or killed due to any incident or accident, my family may not sue Appletree Farm, Inc. or any of it’s employees.

These paragraphs spell the terms out clearly.  There is no misunderstanding as to the fact that the company they are leasing the facility from will not be held libel at all for damage to the users’ property or person(s). There may be a beginning and ending date in the waiver if it is to cover a period of time.

Signed: ______________________ Date:______________
A final signature of agreement is made by the recipient.

We hope you enjoy the use of our facility and thank you for choosing us for your reception.


Martin Lee, Owner and Manager
Appletree Farm, Inc.

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