How are you going to make yourself stand out from the thousands who are competing with you?

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The impact of your Accountant Cover Letter will make the difference!

Limit your accountant cover letter to four paragraphs, or less.  You will certainly have no more than a minute of the time of a busy recruitment manager.  This is your one fleeting chance to sell your special qualities, before the reader turns away to deal with an administrative task, the telephone, or one of the hundreds of other competitors who have almost certainly applied for this same job!

It is well worth taking the time to construct this accountant cover letter to make it a really big hitter.

Rise to the challenge!  All those years of hard, hard work qualifying as an accountant. Now you have to sell not only that background of experience, blood, sweat and tears, but those unique qualities that make you much more interesting than all of those other applicants who also want the job!

Below we have given you an example that you can work around to create your own arresting accountant cover letter.  It should be in business letter format, but the heading part – which features your own name and address – needs to match also with the way you have set up your resume.

The complete example of our Accountant Cover Letter

This is what your completed letter will look like:

Robert Douglas, ACCA
54 Baker Street
Devonport, Ontario
NW8 734
(080)611 605

24 April 2012

Mr Albert Kingsley
Head of Recruitment
Curzon Corporation
Bloomsbury Place
Ontario, NW1 4321

Dear Mr Kingsley

Subject:  Advertisement in “The Sunday Times”, 22 April 2012, for Senior Management Accountant:  Ref.2310 

I consider I am very well-qualified for this role. In the five years I was Chief Management Accountant of a stationery chain with a $3 million turnover, I led a team of four fully-qualified and two part-qualified staff, through the instalment of SAP financial systems and the implementation of improved management information reporting systems. As part of these changes I introduced individual cost centres throughout the business, thereby ensuring that financial management is used as a key control mechanism, enabling staff to be measured against targets.

As part of my duties I developed and maintained financial and accounting systems, financial planning, forecasting and auditing procedures. My most recent appraisal highlights my ‘exceptional ability to deliver complex information to a wide range of audiences from different backgrounds and cultures.’

Over the 2010-2011 financial year, I achieved 30% efficiency savings for my company through the new budgeting processes that I had introduced.

Should you be interested in a high-performing, hard working and well-trained Senior Management Accountant, who will concentrate on maintaining the reputation of your department for high quality, please contact me at your earliest convenience to arrange an interview. I enclose my resume and look forward to hearing from you. 



Robert Douglas ACA

Enclosure: Resume

Download this Example of an Accountant Cover Letter

More ideas for making a positive impression in your Accountant Cover Letter

  • Include a statement regarding your qualifications beyond your college degree. Many accounting jobs  will require the successful completion of all CPA exams, as well as additional accounting licenses
  • I have been complimented by the Chief Executive on my ability to motivate my team, and am accustomed to working under pressure to meet tight deadlines
  • Tailor your letter to align it to the specific accounting job for which are applying. The advertisement will specify whether the position is for a qualified general accountant, or for an accounting specialist, such as “Accountant in charge of Accounts Payable”. Insert this in your Subject Line, right after your opening greeting, together with any reference codes which the advertisement might include.
  • Your introductory paragraph needs to be easy to read and straight to the point. (The reader might give your letter a quick scan and stop right there if it fails to grab his attention).
  • Include a statement that matches the skills your target employer is seeking, with those skills you possess. For example, if your target is looking for an accounting professional with at least an undergraduate degree in accounting or other financial-related fields, you would write a brief summary of your educational background, describing how it suits the position for which you are applying.
  • In the next paragraph you have to sell yourself in a big way, to make yourself stand out from all the other contenders for this job. Were your examination marks particularly impressive?  Did you receive any awards during the time of appointment with your current firm? Is there any aspect of this potential role in which you are particularly interested and for which you already have some background of experience?
  • Set out in the advertisement for this position will be a summary of characteristics your potential employer is looking for.  This may include skills such as managing departmental budgets and resources, and producing annual and monthly accounts.
  • Explain how your particular skills in other areas of accounting will benefit your target company. Your knowledge of software specific to the accounting industry should also be highlighted.
  • Close your letter with a concrete example of how your work has positively affected your current employer. Now is the time to use hard numbers to express your skills by including the amount of revenue saved through your budgeting processes, as an example of your quality work.
  • A sharp finish is called for now.  Without getting caught up in detail, reiterate who you are and say what you want.
  • Make sure you re-read this very carefully – two or three times – before sending. If the reader sees a spelling error or error of grammar as he scans it, he will almost certainly put aside immediately your precious accountant cover letter, together with what you consider to be an excellent resume.
  • Sign off with “Sincerely”, leave a few spaces for your signature, and then type your name under that.  Below type “Enclosure”, to indicate that your resume is enclosed.
  • Put the date at the left-hand margin and then the address of the person to whom you are writing.  Do your research and find out the name and the title of the person who has authority in the recruitment department of the company you are targeting.
  • If you have centred your name and address, maybe with an artistic font, then duplicate this pattern on your medical cover letter.

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