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In this example of an accounting cover letter you will see how to present yourself professionally and expand on your relevant abilities so you are viewed as an asset to the company looking to hire an accountant.  As an accountant you have very unique skills that are indispensable to most companies and to many individuals.  You provide a valuable service.  There are so many details involved in handling financial information that it takes a person who is trustworthy, organized, and can focus on endless details to handle financial information successfully.  Your unique combination of strengths, from the depth of understanding of accounting to the commitment required to stay focused can make you a valuable asset to any company.

Accountant Cover Letter – Build Trust for Handling a Sensitive Commodity

Since you will be handling such a sensitive commodity, finances, your accountant cover letter needs to build confidence and trust.  You will want to start to form a strong link or connection with the company or person doing the hiring.  The cover letter is just the first step in forming a strong connection.  Your resume and interview will have to solidify that connection.

Being professional in this field is an ongoing process. Share your background information so far as your education, additional training, certification, credentials or anything that will contribute to your being a strong asset for the company.  Your resume that you will mention in your cover letter will give additional details.

Being an Accountant – Commitment and High Personal Expectations

Your cover letter and resume will be the company’s first contact with you, their first introduction to you.  Make it strong, convincing, and professional yet personal.  You need to come across as a trustworthy individual with a strong background in accounting.  Express the concept that you understand the commitment required to succeed in this field and your willingness to go the extra mile.

Educational background and experience provide a good overview of who you are and what is important to you.   Keep in mind that the company is trying to locate the best candidate possible for the position.  Your goal is to give them enough information to gain their confidence and curiosity so an interview is the next logical step they will want to take after reading your accounting cover letter.

Format for Your Cover Letter for an Accountant Position

Your cover letter needs to be professional as that is how you want to portray yourself.  Start with your contact information, followed by the date and then the contact information for the firm you are applying to.  Let them know where you heard about them and what qualifies you for this position in their firm.

Natalie Bowman
8932 Rice Ln.
Greenville, TN
T: 865-789-3424

August 3, 2012

Coulter & Justin Accountants
2333 Grey St.
Knoxville, TN

Dear Mr. Justin,

I have over 12 years’ experience as an accountant and am interested in the position I saw advertised in the Knox Journal.  I am a native of Knoxville and have recently moved back to this area to be closer to my aging parents.  I am very familiar with your firm.  I know that you are considered first class in the accounting business.  I believe I can bring much to your firm with my background and experience. 

 I am a certified CPA and I have familiarized myself with the many aspects and unending details of accounting.   I have always found working with numbers to be a challenge in a positive way.   I have always had a natural aptitude in this field and endeavor to stay well-informed of new and ever changing laws involved in this field.

Before working for a large company I worked with entrepreneurs and small business owners.  I was able to set up a system they could follow after I moved on and one that would help them with their accountability and responsibility with their finances.  I have continued to expand the scope of my abilities and understanding of the details needed to be accurate and precise.  I understand fully the responsibilities involved in handling sensitive financial information and have always been respectful of this information. 

I have included my resume and referrals are available on request.   I appreciate you consideration and would like a moment of your time to meet with you to discuss the possibility of my employment with your company.


Natalie Bowman

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Additional Information for your Accountant Cover Letter:

  • Build a strong case for yourself
  • Give enough interesting background information to lead them into reading your resume and wanting to meet you
  • Be clear, concise and professional
  • Be personable
  • Be accurate and grammatically correct

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