Example Letter Requesting Assistive Technology Evaluation – What Your Child Needs and Deserves

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In this example of a letter requesting an assistive technology evaluation you will see how to address this very important issue.   If this is for your child it is something you will feel very strongly about and committed to following through on.   This is a major concern for parents of disabled children.  Parents understand the tremendous benefit getting the proper technological assistance can make for their child.  Not only will it provide the child with the leverage needed to become more integrated into a learning system but the personal success it will help a handicapped child accomplish will do wonders for their self-esteem.

Assistive Technology – The Need for a Full Professional Evaluation 

In order for your child to be provided with the best and most functional assistive technology a complete evaluation is required.  The evaluation itself is a complex process and needs to be done by a trained professional; one who will be able to accurately assess the situation and provide a knowledgeable recommendation.  The extent of the needed technological assistance will vary greatly from person to person which is why this professional evaluation is required first.

This recommendation will ensure that your child gets exactly what is needed.  There is as wide a range of assistive technology available as there are children needing it.  Each child will benefit greatly with the right fit.

Assistive Technology – Initiation and Follow Through

Once the need for assistive technology is recognized it is important to address it and get it resolved as quickly as possible.  If you child’s life has been compromised by unfortunate circumstances it is in everyone’s best interest to make this useful technology available to them.  It is the parent’s responsibility to do all in their power to initiate the process and follow through each step of the process until all parties involved are fully trained and able to assist the child when necessary.

Your letter for an assistive technology evaluation will be the first step in the process.  You are letting the necessary parties know there is a need and you are requesting their assistance is setting up an evaluation.  Remember that you are fighting for your child and for the technology that has the capacity to change your child’s life, not only physically but mentally and emotionally.  It will give the child more of an opportunity to be self-reliant and responsible and that is important for their dignity and self-esteem; this can help change their life for the better.

You cannot overemphasize the importance of what it means to receive the technological assistance they so badly need.  It is about your commitment to your child to help them progress as far as they possibly can in their learning or education or in taking care of themselves.  It is about helping them overcome a handicap that others do not have to deal with.  It gives them hope for a better future.    It’s a practical solution and well worth the effort it will require to take this task to completion.
Format of Letter for Assistive Technology Evaluations

This is a formal request for an assistive technology evaluation to be done for your child.  Your letter will be in the business format with your contact information, date of letter and the contact information of the group being addressed.

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Brown
1721 Brookview Rd.
Atlanta, GA

July 10, 2011

Mr. Tom Evans
(Name of Special Education Director)
Onslow County
1321 Ridgeview Ln.
Atlanta, GA

Re: Request for evaluation for assistive technology devices

Dear Mr. Evans (Special Education Director’s last name)

We are the parents of Jessica Brown.  We are writing to request an assistive technology evaluation for our daughter.  We believe that she has gone as far as possible in her education without assist.  However, we recently noticed that she is getting frustrated with not being able to keep up with her studies and education.  We believe getting the correct assistive technology devices will alleviate her frustration and allow her to continue her education and give her a sense of satisfaction and dignity.

We understand that written permission is required for the testing to be done.  Please consider this request as written permission.  If you need to contact us you may at any time.  We will be glad to meet with you to discuss this further and to offer our input into this situation since we are fully aware of Jessica’s needs.

Thank you for your prompt and immediate attention to our request.


Mrs. Brown

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Additional Notes about Your Letter Requesting Assistive Technology Evaluations:

  • You may want to share details about your child’s needs upfront
  • If you have a specific request for your child, mention what it is
  • Be sure to follow up on this request
  • Make your contact information very clear and be accessible

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