Example of a Letter Requesting an Assistive Technology Evaluation

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A possible reason for writing a letter requesting assistive technology evaluation might be that the Individualized Education Program (IEP) may have turned out not to be adequate for your child’s particular needs. It may have been appropriate in the beginning, but perhaps your child’s condition has changed and a new support program now needs to be devised.

Sometimes a parent must take responsibility for requesting special education services.

A request for an assistive technology evaluation should be submitted in writing to the School District Special Education Director. Copy this to the principal of your child’s school, to their teacher and to any others directly involved with your child’s education. Tell the school district that you are concerned about your child’s educational progress, and briefly explain why you believe that at this stage additional information is required.

It is also important to keep a copy of this letter in your personal files for future reference.

Be sure to keep a record!

To enable you to follow up, if after a period you have heard nothing, send this letter through a postal delivery service that will provide you with a receipt, as evidence that your letter has been received by, or on behalf of, the addressee.  It is important that you have proof that this letter was received.

Under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) law, a letter requesting assistive technology evaluation activates a timeline which it is important to be aware of:

From the time your letter is received, the school district has 15 calendar days to present you with an Assessment Plan for your approval.  When you receive this Assessment Plan, you yourself have 15 calendar days during which to ask all the questions you wish to ask, before giving your consent to the plan and countersigning it.

After you have consented to the Assessment Plan, the district has 60 days to assess your child and to hold an IEP meeting to discuss the result of that assessment.

Below we have given you an example of a letter that can be used as a framework for describing your child’s own unique condition and requirements, when requesting an assistive technology evaluation.

Use the business letter format, with your address and email address on the top left hand side, followed by the date and your recipient’s name and address.  (Make sure you get the name and title of the person in charge of the appropriate department right!)

Your request for an Assistive Technology Evaluation should include these points: 

  • Introduce yourself, your child, and state your concerns as succinctly as you can.
  • Having specified your concerns, ask for immediate corrective action.
  • Remind the Department that you expect a prompt response, together with the remedial plan being put in place, within the prescribed official timeline.
  • Request that assessment/evaluation reports be provided to you before the IEP meeting takes place. Receiving reports in advance helps you prepare your questions about the evaluation before the meeting. This makes for a more efficient IEP meeting and ensures that you will be able to express all your concerns at the time when the experts are present and it will count most.
  • Offer any assistance the IEP team might require and thank them for collaborating with you on this matter which is so important to your child.

The complete example of our letter requesting an Assistive Technology Evaluation

27 Rosterman Place
Grahamstown, Ontario
W1 764
Tel. 020-45678

27 August 2011

Dr Graham Johnston
Head of Special Needs Education
York School District
Broadway Avenue, Ontario
NW8 934

Dear Dr Johnston

Subject: Request for an Assistive Technology Evaluation

I am the father of Oliver Benson, who is currently in his third year at Kingsgate School.  I have been very concerned over the past year about Oliver’s lack of educational progress.  Although he already has an IEP in place for dyslexia and we assist him at home every evening, together with providing him with a tutor once a week, he has steadily lost confidence in his ability to keep up in the classroom. We see his increasing behavioral problems and his reluctance to go to school every day as a direct result of the bullying he is beginning to receive from his higher-achieving classmates. Oliver’s tutor has provided a report that I have enclosed, expressing his concern over our son’s negative rate of progress.

I am requesting that my child receive an Assistive Technology Evaluation by a certified Assistive Technologist, to determine whether there are specific tools and strategies that may help remediate Oliver’s identified difficulties. 

I look forward to receiving an Assessment Plan in 15 days for my review and consent, so that the evaluation can proceed immediately. On completion of the evaluation, I anticipate an IEP meeting within 60 days to discuss the results and plan for Oliver’s supported education. 

I would very much appreciate it if you would ensure that I receive copies of the assessment reports at least 5 days before the IEP meeting so that I will have adequate time to review them and prepare any questions I may have for the team. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me by mobile phone or email if you require any further information.

I very much appreciate your cooperation in the past and would be grateful for your expert assistance in this matter over the next phase of this important stage in Oliver’s life.



William Benson

Enclosure:  [Any expert reports on your child’s condition and needs]

Download this Example of a Letter Requesting Assistive Technology Evaluation

More ideas for your Letter Requesting Assistive Technology Evaluation 

  • Specify all areas of concern, for example: academic performance, motor challenges, the need for assistive technology, socialization. If behavior is an important concern, ask specifically for a Functional Behavioral Assessment
  • Wherever possible, get the teacher involved in the process, and ask them to provide examples from specific classroom situations. For instance:  My child is in 6th grade and cannot read beyond a 4th grade level.   We have already tried outside tutoring.

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