Parking Ticket Waiver Letter Example: Release From Obligation to Pay

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A letter of waiver is a type of business letter that is used to verify that someone has waived (or set aside) one of their rights, or that an obligation they would normally be under has been waived.  For example, if someone was intending to shoot pheasants on private land, the owner of the land might sign a waiver letter (also known as a Release of Liability document) that allows them to hunt game on the property, provided the property owner is not subsequently held liable if an accident takes place.. There are also waiver letters that waive the fees for student education, or for added services, when people cannot afford the cost. A request to a local authority to waive a parking offence is a common example.

Your waiver letter needs to make the right impression if you are to be exempt from paying the Parking Ticket fine

If you want to avoid paying the penalty for a parking ticket, then you need to clarify your reasons precisely, give evidence that you are in the right and ask for exactly what you want in your waiver letter.

  • State the facts in the beginning.
  • Say exactly why you believe your ticked should be waived.
  • If possible, defend your driving record.
  • Ask specifically to have the ticket waived.

The complete example of our Parking Ticket Waiver Letter

This is what your completed letter will look like –

100 Parrot Avenue
Richmond, Ontario
Mobile Phone: 078167785

Mr David Smith
Parking Citations Division
Harrow County Council
24 Broadway
Richmond, Ontario

12 Augut 2011

Dear Mr Smith

Reference: HC450
Penalty Charge Notice Number 1534
Vehicle Registration: ON4 356

I am writing with regard to Citation No.1234, received on 29 July at the crossroads of Baker and Marleybone Streets. I wish to formally challenge the above Penalty Charge Notice.

In accordance with the Road Traffic Act 1995, my challenge is on the basis that at the time the above PCN was issued, my vehicle had been taken without my consent.

I reported the vehicle as stolen to the Richmond police on 20 July 2011 and was issued with the following crime reference number: [No: 4567]. 

I remain the legal owner of the vehicle as it has since been recovered and returned to me on 10 August. But as you will see from the enclosed police report of 20 July 2011, the vehicle was not in my care at the time the Penalty Charge Notice was issued.

I have been driving in this town since 1990 and have never once received a parking citation. 

Owing to the circumstances, I am respectfully requesting a waiver on this citation, and look forward to receiving notification within 28 days that my liability for the Penalty Charge Notice has been waived.


Richard Wilson
Download this Parking Ticket Waiver Letter Example

More ideas for making a positive impression with your waiver letter when requesting that your parking fine be waived

  • “Please do not hesitate to contact me, using the above contact details, should you require any additional information”
  • Write to the council within seven days of receiving the notice, explaining why the parking ticket is unfair or incorrect.  Include any evidence to support your case, such as receipts, witness statements or photos
  • Some councils allow parking ticket appeals to be made online, so check the council’s website for details. The early payment discount period may be frozen while your case is examined

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