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This application letter for a summer job letter will give you the necessary introduction you need to land a summer job successfully.  There are many students looking for summer employment so you will need a way to make your application stand out.  For one thing if you will focus on the needs of the company you are applying to you can address their needs.  You can highlight the qualities you have developed that will make you an ideal employee.  In order to make that connection you need to have a good idea of what the job’s definition is which may already be listed on their job site.

The only thing a recruiter has to go by in your application is your previous job experiences.  However, in your cover letter, you will also highlight the people skills you learned while on each job prior to this one, whether you developed leadership skills, negotiation skills or organizational skills.  Think about what you experienced and how you grew. They all add up to something; they all contribute to your skills.  Then make that connection between their needs and your skills.

Getting Started on Your Summer Job Letter

Once you have made your decision on a particular job or jobs you are interested in you have started the process for you.  For whatever job you are applying for be able to articulate in your letter why you are applying at that particular place or for one kind of job.  Is may be to further your education (culinary, hospital, resort) it may be that you just want some work experience under your belt to use further down the road.  Be able to share your reason.   Again, try to make a connection.

What Job Skill Do You Excel In?

In any job you will have to deal with other employees and with customers.  Both can be difficult to deal with.  For a company, their main concern is the customers.   Keeping them satisfied and returning is one of the biggest assets a company has.  If you can elaborate on some past experiences that show you have the maturity level to deal with a variety of customers then make sure you include that.   Is there any incident in particular where you successfully handled a difficult customer?  What other experiences make you a desirable employee, even for just the summer months.

Besides customer satisfaction, there are additional outstanding qualities a company will look at:

  • Dependability
  • Responsible
  • Can Think On Your Feet
  • Organizational Skills
  • Follows Direction
  • Respectful of Others
  • Good Attitude

Include some of these and give proof if you can.  Even though this is only a part time job it will be permanently on your resume for future reference.  Make it a good experience so –next summer – you will have one more complimentary referral.

Holly Greenwell
7253 Glenwood Rd.
Jacksonville, FL
(M): 314-256-4889

March 30, 2010

Mr. John Russell
Hiring Manager
Castlewood Resorts
Tampa, FL

Dear Mr.Russell:

I am responding to the job listed online for summer employment at your resort.  I am specifically interested in the position of lifeguard since I have quite a bit of experience as a lifeguard and experience as a swimming instructor.   I have been a lifeguard and swimming instructor at our local Y for the past 4 years.   I have worked on the weekends during the school year and full time during the summer.  I have also worked with several age groups for swim lessons from toddlers to adults.

I have been on our school’s swim team for the past 2 years so I am a skilled swimmer.  It is something I have always enjoyed and I am dedicated to not only swimming but also to water safety.  I have my lifeguard certification and have kept my first aid knowledge up to date.  I am available at the beginning of the summer and throughout the summer.  I have no other commitments for this summer.

I can promise you that I can be on time for any shift and can be flexible in that area.  Besides swimming I am also skilled in pool maintenance as I have been in charge of the pool while at the Y.  I was taught all the basics involved in pool care and keeping everything on a schedule so the water stayed clean and clear for the guests enjoyment.

I would like experience in a well-know resort such as yours because I know you have high standards and that customer satisfaction is your priority.  I believe that working with your company would contribute greatly to my understanding of what goes on behind the scenes in this kind of industry as this is a field of study I am very interested in pursuing.

I would like to share briefly what I can do so far as customer satisfaction.   While giving swimming lessons I have been able to inspire the most adamant child to finally put his face in the water and the most terrified adult to leave within weeks as a confident swimmer.  I share this because I truly enjoy working with any age and I enjoy encouraging their best efforts.

I will also give you my best effort.  I can supply recommendation as necessary.  Please contact me if we can discuss this further.


Holly Greenwell

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Additional Ideas for your Application Letter for a Summer Job:

Let them know how you heard about this job and a brief summary of why you are qualified and why you are interested.   Grab their interest right from the start, sharing with them why are competent.

It is good to expand a little bit on your background.  It gives them a more rounded and personal view of who you are.

Give additional experiences that you have that make you even more qualified for their needs.

They will be very interested in your ability to work with customers.  Share an incident or an example that shows you are mature enough to handle different customers.

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