Proposal Letter Example: Do you want the job – or not?

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The proposal letter is a key component when assembling a written business proposal.

In the business world, the ability to properly communicate business goals is extremely important. A poorly prepared or executed written presentation can cost you or your company money if it causes you to lose business. This proposal letter provides the reader with basic information about what is to follow in the formal proposal. Because cover letters serve as an introduction and overview of the proposal, it is extremely important that they are done properly.

Keep in mind the critical ingredients for a winning proposal letter:

  • Make absolutely sure that you understand what the prospect needs in order to increase the profits of his company and satisfy the shareholders. Customers want to know that you understand their problems. You should have done considerable research and know inside and out what those problems and aspirations are.
  • Therefore your proposal is entirely customer-focused. The customer, on the other hand, is interested in your capabilities only insofar as they meet those needs and requirements they have
  • Describe your products and services in such a way as to convince the client that you are the best prospect, of all the competing firms, for solving their problems

Use your corporate letterhead, and the business letter format, addressed to the Chief Executive, by name and remember that: 

  • This letter has to be very appealing and make instant high impact. Keep it short, though, to one page if at all possible.  Otherwise it might get discarded before the Chief Executive reaches the end, and you will have lost your opportunity to get to the next stage – the all-important meeting where you have a real chance to sell your capabilities.
  • Try to keep this brief and appealing. While your prospective client’s problems need to be acknowledged, what they are interested in are the solutions to those problems. Talk about those solutions.
  • Tell the client what benefits he will gain by working with your organization.  Provide the evidence of your capability to suit the prospect’s needs and give him convincing reasons to select you rather than your competitors. You can mention the methodology used, techniques applied, high-skilled team, etc. Underline your unique approach to the solution.
  • Include photographs of those landmark buildings, plus graphics, charts, and tables. These will greatly enhance the visual appeal of your document and make it easier for many people to read and comprehend.
  • Just as important as the credibility of your proposal, is that it should not have any typing, spelling or grammatical errors. Make sure that you check and re-check for errors, before sending the proposal to the client.
  • The call to action is a vital part of every proposal! State your intention to follow up on a particular day the following week, to present the proposal and discuss all the issues involved.
  • Add your signature above your printed name, as well as the title of your position in the company, and any educational or professional titles that you have.

Your company needs you to secure a very prestigious and lucrative job through your Proposal Letter

You will pack into it the critical elements that make choosing your company for the job, over the competition, a foregone conclusion. This is what your Proposal Letter will look like –

Your Company letterhead

Mr Brian Middleton
Chief Executive
Fletchers International
156 Green Lane
Richmond, Ontario
W 59821

11 August 2012

Dear Mr Middleton

Wilkins and Davies International Constructors is delighted to have the opportunity to respond to your requirement for a 20-storey office building.

Our accompanying proposal provides an extremely comprehensive response to all of your requirements, including the landscaping around the building.

Over the last months, Wilkins and Davies has been in a series of discussions with your Chief Architect and the Management Team, and we are fully conversant with your requirements for the design of the building.  We also fully understand your need to make efficiency savings of 20% on the last office building Wilkins and Davies constructed for you, and to meet the deadline for the opening of September 2014.

Until we meet on Thursday next week, and I present the main points of the proposal to you in person, here is a quick overview of the proposal’s content:

  • We have developed a model of the planned building, based on your Team’s description of the features and benefits you will require. Fletchers International takes its corporate social responsibilities very seriously and the new design includes internal and external facilities to benefit the public and incorporates special access facilities for the disabled. 

Wilkins and Davies has provided landmark buildings for this state for the last 50 years.  We were the constructors for City Hall (which has won international design awards) the Westfield shopping mall, and the tallest modern office block in the state, which was featured in the Press last month because the office workers there expressed the highest satisfaction with their working environment, according to the 2011 “State Business Survey”.  Every individual on the supremely talented and experienced construction team that worked on those projects, is with our company still, and is highly motivated to leave a superb legacy to our state.

We look forward to presenting this proposal to you and your Team next Thursday at 15:00hrs, where we can discuss all the elements of the project in detail.


Derek Thompson
Head Architect
Wilkins and Davies Constructors

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More ideas for your Proposal letter

  • Discuss the standing in the industry of your company, and the qualifications and background of your employees
  • Provide a basic overview and breakdown of the costs, so that your prospective client can see an overview of the finances required, overall, and at every stage of   the project.

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