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This example of a proposal letter has all the elements needed to introduce your proposal, be professional and make a favorable impression.  A proposal letter is a cover letter that introduces or accompanies your proposal.  You are presenting yourself and your services to bring about a solution or successful resolution to a problem that the client has.  A proposal letter will express your area of expertise and will give a brief explanation of how you can assist the client.

A well written proposal letter can bring new business your way and open additional doors for referrals.  Your proposal letter will explain clearly to the client what your solution is and expand on the benefits of using your service.  Use positive, forward moving thoughts that state the issue then move ahead with a proven solution and what steps you will be taking to resolve the problem.

You need to make a strong connection between your business and the client’s needs.  Show customer benefits and cost effectiveness.   Explain why your strategy will work for them.  You may also provide information on your company’s history, background and expertise.  This will all provide additional incentive for a client to use your services.

Include Testimonials or Case Studies 

You may offer to provide testimonials from previous or currently satisfied customers.   Personal testimonials are a very powerful tool in any business, especially in the service- provider industry.

Besides customer testimonials, you may provide a case study of a client and how you turned things around for them.  Show or explain what kind of results you generated for another client or business.   Your focus will always be on the client and his needs and goals and will always be results driven.  Show that you take a positive, collaborative, adaptable and helpful approach.  Testimonials or case studies will be positive proof of your ability to adapt to a client’s needs.

Format of Your Proposal Letter 

This will follow the business format and should be on your letterhead stationary if possible.  If letterhead stationary is not available, make sure your complete name and contact information is on the letter.

Greenline Landscaping
Edward Stine, Owner
3214 Blair Ave.
Greenville, NC
M: 910-245-1236

September 13, 2010

Mr. Bruce Mayes
Mayes Properties
71 Kingston Ave.
Greenville, NC

Dear Mr.Mayes,

First view of a property can make or break a sale! 

Our expertise at Greenline Lanscaping has always been on property presentation using subtle tricks of landscaping design.  We have a full staff that are very skilled and have proved themselves time and time again.  We are very proud of what we have been able to accomplish for many properties in this area and in the surrounding counties. 

With over 20 years experience we have the expertise to evaluate your landscape design at each property location and assist in redesigning it to increase its curb appeal.   We rarely have to do a complete overhaul as we focus on taking what is already in place and enhance it with some little know ‘tricks’ that we have found to be very effective in making properties more visible and attractive to interested buyers.

I will be more than happy to provide you with customer testimonials, before and after pictures and stories of how new business was generated for our clients because of upscale landscaping designs.  Not only that, but our dedication and commitment to finish each project within a promised time frame brought those desired results quickly.  We stay on site and finish one project at a time instead of bouncing around and back and forth between locations.  It is a more efficient use of our time and we have found that our customers like doing business that way. 

I have included a proposal which outlines our services, itemizing costs and time allotments, terms of our contracts and a list of current clients.  If possible I would like to meet with you at your convenience to go into further details of our services and explain more fully all that we are capable of handling.  I will call you next week to set an appointment with you or you may contact me by cell or email if you would like to meet earlier.


Edward Stine

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Points to Include in your proposal:

  • Get their attention.  You know exactly what you are talking about and what they focus on.
  • Tell them who you are, what you do and how you accomplish it.
  • Go into more details about your background and experience and show your adaptability.
  • It is always a good idea to be able to show customer testimonial.  Word of mouth can work wonders.   It gives the potential client confidence in your ability.
  • Include a proposal.  It will be more detailed if you have already landed a client.
  • Include a list of current satisfied customers.  Finally set up a possible time to meet with them for further discussion or leave it to them to contact you.

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