An Excuse Letter Example for Missing a Scheduled Meeting

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If you have ever missed an event or a scheduled meeting you will probably need an excuse letter explaining your absence.  An excuse letter is simply an explanation from your point of view of why you were not present.  This can apply to schooling or to a business situation or anything within your realm of responsibilities.

An Excuse Letter for a Responsibility or Commitment

We all have a variety of daily responsibilities and commitments.  There are times when we cannot always fulfill those responsibilities or commitments for one reason or another.  When that happens we will need to write an excuse letter to communicate our absence to someone.  This may be to a teacher, a supervisor, a business partner or an owner.  It is respectful of others to give an explanation, no matter how brief.  Full disclosure is not always necessary nor is it usually expected.

Legitimate Reasons for an Excuse Letter

An excuse is a legitimate reason for not being present or taking responsibility for something you normally would have.  You may have had to make a choice or a choice may have been made for you.   An excuse letter can be based on a number of reasons such as:

  • Medical emergency or illness
  • Family emergency
  • Death of a family member or close relative
  • Children’s  Illness
  • Household emergencies
  • Anything Incapacitating
  • Jury Duty

What to Include and Verification of your Excuse Letter

The main information your excuse letter should contain will be dates of events involved and then a clearly communicated reason or excuse for non-presence.  You letter may make reference to a doctor’s excuse or death certificate for verification.  This will depend on what your school, place of business or other responsibility requires to legitimately excuse you with no repercussions.   More than likely your excuse will not be believed on your word alone.  Your responsibility is to provide sufficient detail and proof to justify your absence.

Format for an Excuse Letter

The format for an excuse letter is very simple.  It is you communicating to another person or business.   Start off with the date at the top, followed by the salutation to the person you are directly communicating to.  The body of the letter will be a brief explanation, followed by your signature.  Offer to provide written proof from an authority or legal entity.

August 2, 2011

Dear Mr. Stone,

I apologize for not being present at the weekly board meeting last Thursday but my mother became very ill and was rushed to the hospital.  I have been with her since then and have not had an opportunity until now to communicate with you. 

I was so worried about her that I forgot to call you and am sincerely sorry for that lapse in judgment.  I know you count on my presence there to take notes so I am truly apologetic for not finding a replacement for my responsibilities.

I hope you understand my situation and I also want you to know that I will be back to work next Wednesday.  If you need to see a doctor’s excuse on behalf of my mother I will be glad to provide one.  If you need to communicate with me before then please call or email me.  I will check my email and phone messages as often as possible.


Teresa Williams

Additional Notes for and Excuse Letter:

  • Always offer proof of your absence
  • Be respectful of those who had to cover your absence
  • If you are not resuming your responsibilities right away, open lines of communication where you can be reached if it is relevant
  • Communicate, the best that you can, of when you expect to resume your responsibilities or commitments

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