Minutes of a Meeting Example: Keeping Track of the Important Details

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This minutes of a meeting example will show you the specifics that need to be included if you are responsible for writing up the minutes of a meeting.  There are a lot of topics that will be discussed and a lot of details that will need to be recorded or written down after the meeting is over.  It is your job to pay attention to those details as the meeting is going on and make notes in such a way that you will be able to give a written account of the meeting afterwards.

Details of a Meeting

The details that you will be keeping track of include: what issues were discussed, who said what and who committed to following up on any decisions that were made.  You will also want to document any issues that were voted on and any issues that were left on the table for future discussion.   Your contribution during the meeting will be more of an observer than a participant.  Your purpose is to keep everything straight so far as important decisions that were discussed and handled and who, what, why, where and maybe the how that was pertinent.  Keep in mind that what you write down will be a formal document of the meeting and can or will be used to verify anything that is questioned later or to verify decisions that were made.

Before the Meeting

You should have a copy of the agenda and a list of all attendees.  If possible, a diagram of who will be sitting where, which will help you keep up with the discussion and help you note who said what.  Your job is to preserve the agenda that was followed at the meeting.  Take concise notes, usually in an outline format so you can type it later.  You may also want to have a small recorder if it is not against policy.  You are to give the gist of what was said accurately.  Listen keenly and note important points that were made.  Your job is not to write what was said verbatim.  You job is to summarize important points clearly and accurately.

Format of the Minutes of a Meeting

There is more than one format for minutes of a meeting.  Your company or organization will probably have one that they use and it would be wise to follow their example.  For the most part you will start with the date, followed beneath it by the name of the company or club, the attendees and then follow the agenda to cover all the points.

There are numerous types of companies, clubs, and organizations that will need the minutes of their meeting recorded.   The final notes you type up will become a part of the company, club or organization’s historical record, again signifying the need for accuracy.

After the meeting is over, you will use your notes to type up the minutes of the meeting.   These will be initialed by the presiding authority figure and copies made for all attendees and for company records file.

Minutes of Meeting

Organization: AYSO Soccer
Date: July 5, 2012
Time: 11:00 AM
Place: Fountain City Park Club House

Robert Shay, Regional Commissioner
Lisa Montgomery, Assistant Regional Manager
Jason Bird, Treasurer
Head Coaches from Region 303: M. Martin, A. Sloan, B. Crane

The meeting was called to order by the Regional Commissioner, R. Shay at 11:00 AM.
Several topics regarding the national soccer games for the following year were discussed:

  • Minutes of the last meeting were approved as accurate.
  • National Regional Games location: it was decided that next summer’s regional games will be held in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  It is a good central location for all participating teams.
  • Signing up of Referees to cover games.  It was decided that there will be an online registration form that will easily be accessible to all.
  • Choice of  fields to beused in the Chattanooga area.  With so many games scheduled, several fields will have to be used to accommodate all the games.  Contracts will need to drawn up six months in advance to secure the fields.  Head coach M.Martin will meet with appropriate parties to get the contracts drawn up.  Maps and directions will be made available to the coaches and referees.  Coaches will be responsible to get copies out to all their players.
  • Concession Stands at each of the fields was discussed.  It was decided that an outside catering company will be contracted to handle the concessions at each field.   No decision was made on which company they will use.  Several will be met with and bids will be accepted.  These bids will be discussed at the next board meeting.
  • Meeting was adjourned at 3:00 pm.
  • The next meeting will take place next month, on August 5, 2012 at the Fountain City park club house.  R.Shay will follow up on getting bids from different catering companies.   This will be put to a vote at that time.

Respectfully Submitted,

Terri Anderson
AYSO Secretary

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Other things to keep in mind when writing up the Minutes of the Meeting:
The agenda can be listed as bullet points to keep them separate and keep clear lines of separation.  Such as:

  • Opening by the president
  • Congratulations for any recognition
  • Minutes from the last meeting read and approved by the members
  • Topics to be covered.
  • Decisions that were voted on, proposals that were discussed.

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