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This example of a donation request letter will show you how to communicate the needs of your organization and make specific donation requests.  A donation request can be for financial help, products, services, volunteers; just about anything pertaining to donation needs.  You will first need to have a specific goal in mind and explain that need in your letter.

Be Specific in Your Donation Request Letter

The majority of donation requests letter are for monetary donations but there are also many that require specific products.  If you can give either/or options it will give the recipient some choices they can respond to.  Let them know what your costs or needs are, what your goal is this time and any other relevant information that will help them make a decision in your favor.   They may be able to easily provide one option (a product) while not at all able to provide the other (financial).  Either way, give them a way to respond to your request, by letter, phone or email.

Your Donation Request Letter Will Show the Impact of a Donation

Explain in your donation request letter how their contribution will help make a difference in someone’s life.  Individuals and companies are interested in making a difference in others lives but are sometimes limited in their resources or connections to help others.  Give them some direction so they can help.  Sometimes the best way a person or business can help is to be supportive of the organization or club that does have hands on experience and connections.

Make an Emotional Connection in Your Donation Request Letter

Communicate you passion and belief in what you are doing.   You can make a great statement by sharing a story of success.   Tell how your organization or group helped an individual, another group or a family in need.  This will produce a strong emotional connection.   Your group or organization is trying to address a specific concern and needs additional help or funding to successfully resolve it.

Greg Brown,
Appalachian Resources Center
1200 Kinton Rd.
Bristol, TN
M: 865-241-5923

May 15, 2010

Dear Mr.Johnston:

There are families all over the Appalachia region who are barely surviving, especially when the winter months arrive.  All of us at the Appalachian Resource Center are aware of these needs and every year we try to raise funds to bring necessary survival items to these families. 

Make a statement that gets their attention.  Give a brief explanation telling them who you are and what you do.

We cover quite a large area from North Carolina to West Virginia.  We also make an occasional trip up to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan.  Recently the winters in each area have been brutal and unfortunately we were not able to provide as many winter coats, wool blankets, food or fuel as we would have liked to.  We are making a concerted effort to bring more coats, blankets, food and other valuable supplies to these families but we need help. 

Go into further details and explanations of what you do as an organization.  This may be the first time they have heard of you so expand as much as necessary to paint a picture of what service you do provide.

Our costs have gone up, just like everyone else’s and we are again struggling to meet the critical demands of a population deep in the Appalachian region.  We are trying to raise over $50,000 this summer to replenish our supplies before winter comes. 

If you cannot provide financial support, we will gladly accept product donations.  Our website has a complete list of products and food items that can be used.   We accept drop offs at our warehouse or you can call and we will be glad to pick up items at your convenience.  Any help at all will be appreciated.

You are providing them options they can chose between and feel comfortable with.
You are also providing an easy way for them to make product donations.

As I mentioned before the winters have been brutal.  So brutal that three years ago two school aged children died of overexposure while waiting for a late school bus.  This happened on the Upper Peninsula.  They had no winter coats, only a blanket to cover themselves with.  A winter coat is something most of us take for granted.   That is why our priority to that location is for winter coats, all sizes, mittens, hats, and scarves.  Last year we were able to provide over 300 winter coats, thanks to some very giving people.  

A story like this makes a strong emotional connection.  It has the possibility of swaying the decision in your favor.

Our project is an ongoing, day after day event for us and for the families waiting to receive help.  Please make a contribution and help a child and a family.

You may contact me by phone or email if you have any questions.


Greg Brown
Appalachian Resources Coordinator

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