Your professional status and reputation are at stake – and there may be legal repercussions if you do not follow the established rules

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Your Donation Letter will not bring in the funds you need if you make an inferior job of it and it lacks appeal. Generally the best way to raise money for your chosen cause will depend on the resources you have available and what will appeal to your supporter base.  Make sure you consider the different options available and how they would work in your situation.

Your initial strategy in your donation letter should be to consider the answers to the following questions:

  • How much money is going to be needed for this charitable activity?
  • Is the purpose of this fundraising drive just to raise money or is it also to raise awareness?
  • What resources are available to you to support this set of fundraising activities?
  • What is the timescale within which the money has to be collected?

Follow the rules with your donor letter and fundraising activities!

No matter how you ask for a donation, it is imperative to follow any legal or best practice standards. Do some research to identify your local Codes of Fundraising Practice, and follow the directives you will be given by them.

In your Donation Letter, describe your mission in a way that will be attractive to potential donors

A Donation Letter asks for donations. The donation desired might be cash, product, services, volunteer work hours, or something else entirely. Once you have developed a good letter requesting donations and you have proved that it works, you may use it over and over again.

Below we have given you an example that you can modify to suit your own circumstances, to make the right impact for your own donation letter.

Donation letters tend to follow a prescribed pattern. The best strategy is to base your donation letter on a formula that works

  • Keep your letter formal and to the point. Use the business letter format.  If you have set up a non-profit company for this charitable purpose, write the letter on the company letterhead.
  • State at once the purpose of this communication
  • Keep your donation letter to three simple paragraphs
  • In the first, introduce yourself and your organization’s mission
  • In the second paragraph, make your request to the recipient.  State what you would like them to do, and also state what the recipient will get in return.  (This might be publicity through local newspapers and television media, advertising space, etc).
  • In the third paragraph, thank the recipient for their time and consideration, and invite them to contact you with any questions and to obtain any information they might need

Note: If the recipient responds to your Donor Letter with a donation, be sure to send a receipt and thank you letter!

The complete example of our Donation Letter

This is what your completed letter will look like –

Dr Eric Douglas
Studio 15
Canada Waters Education Centre
Canada Waters, Ontario
WN1 345 / Mobile: 020-798631

16 June 2012

Dr Elaine Robertson
Medical Partnership
York, Ontario
EC 4587

Dear Dr Robertson

Subject: A program to eliminate gun and knife crime from the Canada Waters Community

I am writing to you on behalf of Canada Waters Education Centre (CWEC), a not-for-profit organization that was established on 30 August 2010, to donate money and expertise to eliminate gun and knife crime in our Community. The May 2010 shocking government statistics show that one young member of our community destroys the life of another in this manner, at the rate of one death per week. The mission of CWEC is to work with Youth, and Youth agencies in the community to halve the incidence of these crimes, by this time next year (June 2013. We are in the process of establishing an education program that will make an impact on the coming generation of youngsters in the Junior school. Since our 2010 setup we are on track to achieve this goal, but we need your help.

We have produced an Art Exhibition, accompanied by an education program, and are already engaged in exposing this to youth at risk, through community centers and schools. A donation from “Medical Partnership” will bring us closer to our goal of $500,000, needed to roll this out to the entire local youth population. Many business and community leaders are on board as well as hundreds of individuals. (These are acknowledged on our website). Our community agencies – Police / Schools / Medical Community are excited by the project and eager to see it succeed. You can be a part of that excitement by supporting our youth with a $1,000 donation. Unless you object to this, we will be delighted to acknowledge your donation on our website and at our numerous events.

I would like to thank you for considering this opportunity to partner with our organization in raising funds to support this urgent project. If you have any queries regarding our organization, our fund management policy, or the project itself, please feel free to contact me at the address given above or at


Dr Eric Douglas
Canada Waters Education Center

Note: Canada Waters Education Center is a non-profit organization and your donation is therefore tax-deductible.

More ideas for your Donation Letter

To indicate that this project is exciting interest in the local community –

  • You might invite the recipient to buy tickets to attend a benefit concert, that you anticipate 500 local people will attend, 400 of these tickets already having been sold.
  • You could announce that at this event there will be 250 gift baskets, and that all the food has been donated

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