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This example of a medical assistant cover letter will expand on the variety of options available to address in your cover letter.  The job description for a medical assistant is as varied as there are fields of medicine.  You will first need to narrow your interest down to one area of study and concentrate on it.  Do some research first and then chose an office, hospital, clinic or doctor you would like to work with.   You will then need to prove that you will be an asset to them.   You also want this position to serve your purpose of acquiring additional experience in your chosen field.

Background Information You Will Include in Your Medical Assistant Cover Letter

If you have any education or specific background experience that will give you the advantage be sure to expound on it and provide as much disclosure as possible.  A medical assistant job does not usually require an education beyond a GED or high school diploma to qualify.  You will want to make your cover letter compelling and intriguing so they will want to find out more about you and see what your resume holds.  Explain clearly to your potential employer what your interests, strengths, and training include.

Some Specific Offices or Clinics a Medical Assistant can Apply For:

  • Podiatry
  • Optometry
  • Chiropractor
  • Cardiology
  • X-Rays
  • Neurology
  • Oncology

This is a limited list as there are numerous possibilities.  Almost every medical office will enlist the help of a qualified medical assistant.  You should already have a specific area of study in mind that you are very interested in and would prove to be a likely candidate.

If you have attended and received a one or two year certificate you will surely have the advantage as you will have some basic and very useful training regarding clerical and/or  clinical areas of understanding.  You should have a basic knowledge of medical terminology, maybe some medical coding, anatomy, physiology and office etiquette or protocol.

Give a brief history of what you have learned and also why you are applying at a certain location.  Why are you interested in working with them?   They are looking for someone with education, experience, maturity, dependability, people skills, professional presence, and confidence, among other qualities.   Self-promotion is essential.   There is a lot of competition so make your medical assistant copy letter stand out.  Be clear on what you are confident of and capable of doing.

Michael Luttrell
5804 Blaine Ave.
Detroit, Mi
(M): 321-456-7891

January 17, 2010

Dr. Bill Banard
Summit Medical Group
121 W.Emory Rd.
Powell, TN

Dear Dr.Banard:

I am interested in applying for the medical assistant position in your office as stated on the Summit Medical website.  I am familiar with your neurology clinic and believe I would be an asset to you and your staff in that position.  I am interested in the field of neurology for one thing and intend to continue my studies in that field.

I have recently finished a two year program and believe that I am qualified to be your medical assistant.   I have received training in both clerical and clinical office procedure.  I am fully aware of office etiquette and protocol.   I am familiar with medical terminology, have some medical coding experience and have taken several classes in anatomy and physiology.  I have always been interested and fascinated by the human body and by the many and varied approaches each field of study addresses. 

As I stated already, I am committed to the field of neurology and would like to be your medical assistant if at all possible.  I look forward to meeting with you to discuss this further.  I am available to meet at your convenience.  I have included my resume and can provide letters of recommendation as needed.

Restate your interest and desire for an interview.


Michael Luttrell

More Suggestions for Your Medical Assistant Cover Letter:

  • Be specific.  State your interest and why you will be an ideal candidate for that position.
  • Provide background information by giving a brief overview of your education, understanding and interest.  Make it concise, interesting and compelling.

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